Written by johnseven7

24 Oct 2010


I am john live in northeast uk this is true life experience of what happened names changed to protect people but real. I was 33 single fit six foot tall slim. I became friendly with a couple new to the area. She was slim blonde small tits long legs he short chubby. After few months we used to go back to there house for drink(coffee) after pubs closed chat before I'd go home ,one night b

Bill said he and Lynn had an open marriage and lynn fancied me and asked if I was up for it I was abBit shocked but though why not with that he said I,ll leave you two to it went to bed lynn came over to to me leaned forward kissed me full on my hands were on her waist as we snogged unsure what I should do next lynn took the lead sliding dowm my body breaking off the kiss to crouch at my feet her hands rubbing my cock through my jeans "mmmm nice" she said before I knew it my jeans where being undone and pulled down over my knees my cock sprang out (7") as she parted my legs. Taking me in her hand slowly wanking me watching the precome ouze around my cock head. She leaned forward her tounge flicking over my balls up the shaft before she sucked my cock in deep hard and urgent I slid her blouse up over her back and unclipped her bra she broke away from my cock to remove them over her head her breasts were small but the nipples stood out hard erect I sucked each in turn she gasped "not very big" she said there fine I repliedsucking them harder. For some reason we ended up in the bathroom she was in front of me and I was kissing her neck playing with her nipples from behind. My hands undid her jeans sliding them and her panties down too her ankles she stepped out of them as I kissed down her back she had a firm tight arse bending her forward I parted both cheeks exposing her pussy I licked up each thigh her breathing was heavey as I ran my tounge over her pussy lips tasting

Her juices I began to lap them up flicking her clit she moaned

"Please fuck me I cannt get pregnant please fuck me" I stood behind her pushing her head down bendin my knees my cock found her and slid in to the hilt she arched and bucked as I fucked her changing place to tease her she was gasping shuddering all over the place I was holding back the drink numbing my sensatiions or I would have come long before now "please come inside me" she moaned I moved her hand to her pussy "rub your clit" she did her fingers a blurr I could feel them brush my cock the extra friction bringing me close as she gasped maon she was coming

Her pussy gripped me tight and I had to hold her up by the hips as she came "please come in me" she gaspped I began to fuck her harder this time for my own needs her hand mmove between her legs her nails gently sratchin. My balls it sent me over the top few quick thrusts I burried my cock deep inside her pumping my seed she came again

That was the start I became her regular fuck buddy. Nealy every weekend she turned out to be very submissive on one occasion I hand her on her side hands handcuffed behind her back as I slowly fucked her mouth buildig up in pace tilll I spunked in her mouth what she couldn't swallow dribbled out I would also get her to masturbate to orgasm as I watched in the car, in kitchen leaning against the bench

Used vibraors on her the only thingg out of boundds was her arsehole but there was plent to keep me occupied. Hope you enjoy this and the gramma speLling don't spoil it for you