Written by Amanda

2 Jan 2015

It had been a long day getting the house tidy and the nibbles ready for any Hogmanay visitors. It had got to 5.30am on New Years Day, I was quite tipsy and we were walking home after doing the rounds of the neighbours. I noticed one of elderly neighbours lights was still on and told my husband to go home and I'd see him there. David is about 70 and a really nice guy, who always has a smile and kind word for his neighbours. I knocked on the door and went in, as is the norm. David was sat in the living room with his head in his hands. I asked if he was alright and he looked up at me, tears in his eyes and said that no one had been to first foot him and he was feeling alone and unloved. I sat down next to him and put my arm round him to comfort him. I said to him, let me give you your New Years kiss. With that are lips met and it wasn't just a quick peck, he opened his mouth, I responded and our tongues met. We kissed quite passionately for a while and I felt his hand moving up my thigh. I automatically opened my legs and his fingers were quickly massaging my pussy through the material of my thong. It was having the desired effect and was becoming quite wet. My hand went to his groin and I could not get over the size of his erection through his trousers. I couldn't help but unzip him and pull his cock free from his pants. I was wanking away when he said that he'd live to fuck me. With that I lay back on the sofa, removed my thong and let him get between my legs. His was inside me in seconds and I could feel myself coming almost immediately. He was moving up and down on me quite fast and again I came. Eventually he came inside me and I was amazed at the amount of sperm he managed to fill me with. When he eventually pulled out, it was running from my swollen hole. He thanked me for calling in and for helping out an old man and told me to feel free to call in passed at any time. I will certainly be doing that.