11 Jun 2019

I was due to work a 12 hour shift this particular day, it was mid summer and a lovely sunny day, which was a bonus as we were taking some of our residents on a day trip to littlehampton.

There was 3 staff, five residents and the driver who was a scruffy chap in his 60's.

1 staff sat in the front with the driver another sat beside the only female resident next to the side entrance and I sat at the back.

Frank next to me and Bill on a single seat at the other side of me.

The very minute we started moving frank slid his hand up my thigh and whispered "Get those knickers off I want access to you're fat cunt"

I didn't waste any time in doing so, Bill looked at me and smiled when he saw my knickers in my hand.

My adrenaline immediately throbbed through my body with excitement, Frank pulled up my uniform blue dress and tucked it under my seatbelt then began slowly rubbing at my pussy.

Bill reached over, pulled my leg towards him so I was fully exposed, I slid down the seat to make things easier.

They both played with my pussy pulling me wide open, Bill then lifted my right leg up so my foot rested on his knee then sank his fingers into my gaping hole 1 at a time.

Then Franks fingers slowly joined Bills.

God I fucking loved this........ two dirty old men spreading my legs and stretching my cunt open, i seriously struggled to stop myself moaning, my heart was pumping hard and I just sat there legs akimbo letting them use me like their own personal whore.

I was a very willing old mens whore I can assure you ?

I had 3 fingers of Bills and 3 of Franks inside me pulling from either side, making my juicy fat hole gape wide.

I noticed the others on the bus were all nodding off so I closed my eyes too and enjoyed the whole experience to the full.

Then I was startled by the driver suddenly saying " Is everyone alright back there?"

I looked him in the eyes (through the mirror of course) then squeaked "Yes thanks, all good here at the back" and I smiled as normally as I could and panicking I pushed Bill and Franks hands away and sat myself up.

The driver smiling back said "are you sure honey? "

"Yes absolutely, thanks"

We arrived at little Hampton, had some lunch and the other 2 girls (staff) said who wants ice cream? Everyone except myself Frank and the driver went to get ice creams, we sat on a bench and waited for them to return.

The driver who I knew as john now, turned to me and said "Did you enjoy the ride down" with a grin on his face.

I casually replied it was a smooth journey and he shocked the hell out of me when he said "yeah when I looked in the mirror I wondered what was going on, cos I could see the 2 old fellas looking down at you, so I adjusted the mirror and nearly had a bloody heart attack seeing them up your pussy"

I nearly died right there and then and was panicking, thinking OH god he's going to report it.

Then he said "I wouldn't mind a closer look actually, I think you should let me as you wouldn't want me to report this when we get back would you?"

"OH MY FUCKING GOD what have I got myself into "

He then turned to Frank and said I saw you playing with her cunt on the bus and I think she should let me have a go, what do you think?

Frank of course laughed and said " Absolutely !!! she will let you fuck her too come on nurse we are going to the toilets and you are going to let him fuck you right now"

I was really nervous but so turned on so off we went to the men's loo's

They both groped me roughly and frank said suck his cock you dirty whore..... Then he grabbed my hair pulled my head off him and said now suck mine....

I have to admit I enjoyed sucking 2 older guys cocks, Frank then told me to get up, bent me over and said " go on lad fuck her, as he fucked me Frank opened the cubicle door to free up some space, He pumped his cum into me, moved away and as I began to stand up Frank said "stay right there missy I've got another cock for that juicy cunt of yours.

So directly one after the other I was fucked, used as they're fuck whore in a public toilet .

oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!

I resigned myself to the fact that I am a in fact a genuine whore for older men.

You should have seen Bills face when Frank gloated telling him what he had missed out on because he wanted an ice cream hahaa

We all had a nap on the way back but before i finished my shift I gave Bill a good sucking and he pumped his cum down my throat saying "take that you little bitch,fucking drink it, drink it all"

I think he was a bit pissed off bless him lol

The next shift I was on there was a bouquet of flowers and an envelope.

Fortunately I was alone when I opened it because inside it said

" I'm gonna fuck you again soon and I'm gonna make you suck my mates cock as I do"

Signed John.