Written by woohoocock

31 May 2007

It was Sunday night and I had been out for a few drinks and got home about midnight, feeling not too tired but also horny I logged onto the website to have a look about. I'm not gay but I realise from time to time I have an urge for some cock. I'm limited in my experiences where I have only sucked cock once, and fucked another guy up the arse.

I got a message from a guy only 10 minutes away from me asking if I was horny. We chatted on msn for a while and feeling hard I suggested he come on over to my place for some cock fun. We both had a shower before he came over. I met him out in his white Volvo and after a very brief introduction I said lets go inside to my place. He was about 40, 5 foot 6 inches average build.

Once inside it was quickly down to action. I asked him if "you still horny" and he said "yes". I dropped my trousers ( I was wearing no underwear) and told him good so was I. We both stripped and moved close to each other where he proceeded to lick my nipples and I got a hold of his nice cock. His cock was about 5 inches and cut but very hard. I was very horny and nervous but said "lets get on the floor" and we lay side to side so we could suck each other's cocks. I was greedily enjoying his cock and tasting his precum. There is something about a clean-cut cock that tastes good! mmmm

He started to lick my balls and arse and I moved into a position so he could rim me. I've had a girlfriend do it to me before and knew I would love it again. Out of the blue I told him "fuck my arse", never done it before but was feeling horny and just wanted his inside me! He slipped on a condom and slowly put his cock inside me, it felt good and warm. It helped he was not the biggest cocks as my 8 inch dildo always hurt initially when inside me.

I became hornier and told him "fuck me hard" and moved onto my knees so he could pump me harder. The feeling in my arse was good and told him how good it felt and asked him how we wanted to come. He said "all over my face". I said "no problem". He popped out my arse and took off his condom. I sat him on the sofa and began sucking his cock quickly telling to shoot his load on face. He said "I'm coming" and I wanked him over my face and was rewarded with a faceful of cum,my first facial! I licked clean his cock. He said "you should check the mirror". My face looked great like porn film! Classic cum shots -- ha ha.

He quickly left. After that I was happy to have tried my first anal experience and thought I will try that again. But next time might be with a larger cock, a bicouple, spit roasted, or a horny woman,mmm! Getting the urge to have some fun again, hopefully will taste some cock and pussy together soon!