Written by richnan4

16 Mar 2013

This is a true story that took place last night when my girlfriend went out on a hen night with a group of girls which caused me a mixture of concern and great excitement. While we are not the youngest of lovers, she being 51 and I a young 64 we stiil have a very active and varied sex life experimenting with whatever takes our fancy. This has included soft swing, girl on girl, visits to Cap d`Age sex clubs and open discussions about various fantasy`s. We do not live together due to my complicated personal life but see each other regularly as we have done for a number of years.

Anyway back to the story I did not find out of this girls night out until this week when "in passing" she informed me that she had been invited to a hen party of a girl she did not know by a friend of a friend so she did not have to be home alone! When we met yesterday in town it was obvious that she was quite excited at the prospect saying she must buy a new dress and underwear although she has an abundance of both!

Added to that she said she must get back home in good time to "tidy up" a euphamism for shaving her pussy so I was immediately suspicious but very horny.

We said our goodbyes soon after but I telephoned her later before her departure to wish her an enjoyable evening and told her to be careful not to drink too much. All the time I thought there is going to be a strong chance that her gorgeous pussy was going to be filled by AN Other while all I could do was to sit in my home thinking how I would love to have been able to stay over and have sloppy seconds at long last.

My first chance to speak to her was this morning when I rang and asked whether she had had a good evening and how had it gone. She was a little reticent at first saying it was an ok evening where they did`nt drink much, only had a few dances and were home earlyish! Pushing for more details especially as I had had a "hard night" she wanted to know why I was so interested. I had to then tell her the thought of her being screwed silly really rang my bell as I had long advocated and I hoped she would give me all the specific details if as I suspected it probably had been more interesting than she was letting on.

After much coaxing and when she realised all my previously related fantasy`s on this subject were serious she then proceeded to tell me how she had been picked up by a younger guy who hit on her all night. This and the plentiful amount of drink she now admitted to had helped her be more than receptive. While in the club he had fingered her on a couple of slow numbers which more than got her juices flowing until she, not him, suggested they went back to her place! In fact she said he had only just left and that she had his spunk running from every hole and if I was really serious about fucking her in this state then I needed to get round to her place asap as a shower was imminent. Hearing this and wanting all the gory details I made my excuses at home and flew round. I will give you the next more detailed chapter as soon as I can as I need another wank.