Written by Naughty Nikki

19 May 2008

I have just got back from a hen weekend in Amsterdam for a girl from the office who is getting married in July, where i cheated on my hubby for the first time.

When we arrived at our hotel we met a rugby team in the bar, who were over from Manchester to play a game and generally get drunk and have a good time. They suggested that on saturday evening they take us out and show us the sights, and it being Amsterdam I\'m sure you can guess what sights they meant! As Jan had her future mother-in-law with her as well as her own mum and sister, she said thanks but no thanks and instead we went for a meal then hit a few bars.

About 2am we headed back to our hotel and bed. Most of our party went to bed straight away, but me and Karen (another work colleague, who I was room sharing with) decided to have a last drink before turning in.

When we got into the bar we found half a dozen of the older rugby players were in there already, as they didn\'t fancy clubbing with the younger guys. They were playing pool and invited us to join them. Soon we both had pool cues in our hands and they all took turns in playing doubles with us. We were also getting drink after drink bought for us and soon I was feeling very drunk. All of a sudden I spotted Karen with her tongue down one of the guys throats whilst her bum was being fondled. Karen is single, although she has been going out with someone for a couple of months, so when she said she was going up to his room I guess that wasn\'t too much of a problem.

I decided that I would finish my drink and go up at that point. However the boys said that as Karen was in Jim\'s room, Mike would have nowhere to sleep and that he would have to have Karen\'s bed! It was at this point I wish that I had not got so drunk as that seemed perfectly reasonable to me and so I said ok.

Now Mike was mid-40\'s, about 6ft, greying hair, with a rugby players build. As we went up in the lift we were chatting about our families and he kept apologising for imposing. However once in the room the atmosphere changed. He told me I was very attractive and that my husband was a very lucky man. He asked if hubby would mind a strange man being in my room. I blushed and said that I thought he would. Mike then said that we should give him something to mind about and he kissed me. Although I knew it was wrong I responded.

In no time at all we were both naked, revealing that Mike had a nice 7 inch cock that I knew I wanted inside me. He ate me and made me cum before fucking me hard and filling me. The exertion plus the alcohol meant that I was soon fast asleep.

The next thing I remember is being awoken by a hand stroking me between my legs. I assumed it was Mike and just lay there with my eyes shut enjoying the sensation. However when I went to stroke his hair imagine my shock when all I felt was bald skin! My eyes snapped open and I saw Kevin grinning at me. In his hand he had my mobile phone with which he had taken a photo of me flat out, naked with cum trickling out of my pussy. He said that unless he got what Mike had enjoyed he would send that photo to everyone in my address book!

I knew he was only joking but I couldn\'t take that chance and soon my lips were locked around his erect penis. He wasn\'t as big as Mike and I managed to take his whole length He started fucking my face and soon came. By this time I was horny again and asked him to return the favour, which he did willingly before we both crashed.

The next morning Karen apologised profusely for leaving me alone and it appears that the lads hadn\'t said anything to her. Hopefully it will stay my secret too as I can\'t believe I acted like that (even though I get turned on remembering what happened!)

Can\'t wait for another of my friends to get married!