Written by John

22 Nov 2007

I have posted several of my experiences as a Rep selling domestic appliances, here is another.

Bracknell was part of my territory, it was a New Town being peopled by families, mainly from London\'s East End, made homeless by the War. At the time I am talking about Bracknell had changed from a large village to a small town and as the economy rose so did the number of jobs. People in their various new accommodations had now furnished their homes, were earning more money, and were looking to improve their lot by buying more domestic appliances. I canvassed a street or two once a month.

On this occasion I chose a street of mixed housing, two, three and four bedroomed houses, bungalows and blocks of flats. I had a tough time that day and actually only booked one demonstration, to a single woman in a one-bedroomed flat. I caught her at her lunch-hour

when she had popped home to sort out a problem with the housing authority. \"As a matter of fact,\" she told me, \"I\'ve been thinking that I ought to buy a vacuum-cleaner now I\'ve got carpets in most rooms.\" It was obvious that she hadn\'t the time for a dem there and then so I asked her if she had a half day. \"Yes I do, I work in a large retail business, not in the shop, I do the accounts and stuff, but it means that I have a half-day on Wednesdays.\" I arranged to call at two o\'clock the following Wednesday.

She was, I guessed in her early thirties, petite, trim and good-looking, she was very chatty. I called as arranged carrying the size of cleaner I assessed the number of carpets she had needed. I gave the demonstration and she tried it herself. She made a cup of coffee and we sat on stools in the kitchen and discussed terms. As I said, she was an attractive woman and she displayed an inordinate amount of very shapely thigh, I wondered.

She smiled at me and said, \"I bet you get to call on lots of attractive women....?\" I laughed and said that I couldn\'t deny it and that I was in the presence of one. \"Why thank you,\" she smiled, then, \"but I imagine that you\'re married?\" I agreed that I was, \"But, if it doesn\'t worry you, it certainly doesn\'t worry me!\" \"How late do you work?\" she asked. \"Oh, till anytime, I sold a washing machine at one in the mmorning the other night!\" She looked incredulous, \"I assure you that it\'s true,\" I added, \"why do you ask?\" She loked at her watch, \"I have to go and see somebody but if you want to come back this evening, I think we can settle on the cleaner.\"

So that\'s what I did. When I arrived she opened the door in a housecoat, she invited me in and we sat down and completed the sale of the cleaner which I had left there earlier. \"I think this calls for a celebration,\" she said, \"It\'s the first part of my intention to equip myself with every domestic appliance.\" She got up asking what I drank, which was vodka and tonic, Ann, as she was called, had the same. As she sat down again I noticed that the zip on the housecoat had slipped and she was showing off two very neat looking breasts. I didn\'t disguise my admiration, \"You\'re looking exceptionally sexy,\" I told her, \"and, if you don\'t mind me saying so, you strike me as an expeerienced woman.\" She laughed, \"Well, I\'m no blushing virgin that\'s for sure!\" She got up and came over to sit on my lap, in moments we were kissing and I was caressing those lovely, firm little breasts. Her nipples were erect and it was obvious she was enjoying what we were doing. As she put her glass down I said, \"So where\'s the bedroom?\" I rose and, putting one arm round her shoulders and the other under her knees, I carried her to the bedroom.

In moments I had the housecoat off her, she was naked beneath it and displayed a small , dark, curly, triangle of pubic hair that somehow failed to hide the swelling lips of her cunt. I stripped quickly, she stared at my erection, \"I haven\'t had one of those for a while,\" she panted. We kissed and caressed each other, the lips of her cunt swelled and parted and I felt her. She clung tightly on to me as I feathered the little hard knob of a clit until she pleaded urgently, \"Put it in,John, please!\" I obliged, easing myself in as far as I could, I rested a moment then started fucking her. She loved it trying to bite my neck and digging her nails into my back as the thrill got to her. I had to remind her that I was married, \"You tell me how you like it,\" I said to her, \"and that\'s the way I\'ll fuck you!\"

\"As hard as you can for a few moments, then gentle and make it last!\", she replied. I complied with her wishes and we had a great fuck for nearly threequarters of an hour until I culd finally hold off no longer. \"Where do you want it?\", I asked. \"Mmmm, I want to see you come,\" she replied, totally relaxed. She got what she wanted moments later as I puylled out and shot my load all over her. Some went in her hair, some on her face, the rest on her breasts and stomach. She loved. She loved it again about half an hour later and on several occasions after that when I called in, she never refused. That fuck may have seemed rather business-like but her cunt was hot, tight and slippery and she was eager.

Her afternoon off certainly did the business for both of us!