Written by bazwig

3 Feb 2010

Joe & his wife had been friends of ours for years, though we did not see as much of him since their marriage breadown. He had moved away following the split and was visiting us whilst on a business trip to our town. Over the years he had made no attempt to hide the fact that he would have loved to have bedded my wife Pam but nothing really had ever come of it other than a few drunken fumbles when we had all had a little too much to drink.

Pam and I had discussed at length the possibility of Joe joining us for a little playtime during his visit as I felt he would be a reliable and safe option for me to watch her looking after another guy, something which I absolutely love to do. This is how Joe and I came to be sitting in our large bedroom waiting for the dance Pam said she would do for us as a treat for taking her out for a meal, one which consisted of just the right amount of wine to loosen all our inhibitions.

I do`nt know whether me or Joe had the biggest shock when Pam walked in after asking me to start the CD, she was dressed in a lovely matching bra and panty set with hold-up stockings and high heels and nothing else. I think we both gasped at how sexy she looked and whilst she was obviously a little the worse for wear with drink, she was unmistakably beautiful haveing refreshed her make up and done her hair.

She danced seductively and slowly in front of us and without spoiling things by rushing too much I was trying to think of ways to move things forward, so suggested she do a lap dance for Joe, we all laughed at the suggestion but we all also knew where I was trying to lead things.

whilst Joe remained in his seat I moved and sat on the bed so I had a good view of Pam with her back to Joe her legs straddling his, it was only from this vantage point I realised that the pants Pam was wearing were in fact crotchless, The feeling I got in the pit of my stomach was like a dull pain as I watched my wife rubbing herself along the length of Joes bulge in his trousers. As Pam turned to face Joe I pointed out to him that she had in fact left traces of her juices on him and perhaps it would be better if he removed his pants so as not to get them marked any further. Joe needed no second bidding and in one movement removed his trousers and pants and sat on the seat without embarrassment a huge erection more than evident in his lap. Perhaps for the first time at this point I hesitated slightly as I felt I was losing control of the pace of things and was a little unsure as to wether this was the point at which to stop.

These thoughts were made redundant as the music stopped which caused a slightly uncomfortable pause which had to be filled. The only thing I could think of was to say that Pam deserved a kiss from Joe for her dance, to which she bent forward to allow Joe to kiss her fully on the lips. I watched as he took her hand and without resistance placed it on his knob which was glistening with pre-cum,I watched as they kissed how she firmly gripped his knob and started slowly wanking him with long strokes from his knob to the base of his cock, his pre-cum helping to lubricate his shaft so that she could skin it fully to expose his knob, at which point she would rub the palm of her hand across the top of his cock which made him moan loudly.

I said to Pam why do`nt you lay on the bed where it will be more comfortable and Joe and I can lie alongside you so that you can help Joe to relax, so Pam lay between Joe and I, myself having stripped my clothes off, Pam continued to slowly masturbate Joe and I watched entranced as his fingers explored between her legs, Pam moving them apart to give him full access to her pussy lips and the hole of her cunt.

I was just watching whilst rubbing Pam`s arse and holding the cheeks of it open so that Joe could finger her deeply, nothing else was said as Pam rolled on top of Joe and although still wearing her pants she placed the knob of his cock between her pussy lips, I started to slip her pants down her hips but again things were taken out of my control as they both arched their bodies towards each other and Joes cock entered her cunt fully until the base of it was jammed against her pubic bone. Again the ache in my stomach started as I watched them start to fuck each other, it was as though I was more jealous than I had ever been whilst at the same time being more excited then ever before.

I watched for a few moments as cream started to gather around the full cicumference of Joes cock and Pams cunt lips from the juices they were both releasing as they fucked, Joes cock stretching her lips as he pounded into my wife, both of them moaning loudly as they kissed and slammed their pelvic areas at each other.

Pam and I had never discussed it and even now I am not sure why I did it but I moved behind Pam and rubbed my own knob along the length of her cunt lips feeling the warm cream from them both lubricating my knob, I wanted Joe to stop fuckig her for a while to allow me to enter her to give me some sort of release from the massive tension I felt from my knob end to deep inside my belly. I think I knew instinctively that this was not going to happen until he had spunked her fully, so instead I pressed on the small of Pams back to slow her thrusting to try and get a feeling of satisfaction from rubbing my knob on her cunt lips and wet arsehole, as I said earlier we had never discussed it but

Pam reached behind herself and between her legs and pulled her lips far enough off Joes cock to allow me some access, I firmly pressed my knob in the small space she had made with her fingers and did not even expect what happened next, without any real pressure my cock slid along the length of Joes and entered Pams cunt with amazing ease, at first I was not sure that we were both in her cunt as I knew Pam to have a very tight fuck hole but within seconds I realised Pam was fucking both our cocks simultaneously.

I assume it was the extra tightness caused by another cock in Pams cunt or just the sheer intensity of what we were doing but within a few minutes Joe started to hoarsly whisper that he was about to cum and seconds later with some violent bucking and extra deep thrusting I felt his spunk released into Pam as it lubricated her to the point of the squelching noises being quite embarrassing as I continued to fuck her with Joes quickly softening cock still in her alongside mine, Pam started to shoot her load and the spasms in her cunt of her doing that caused me to ejaculate strongly my cum joining hers and Joes in a warm wet mess inside her.

Joe stayed the night with us, and perhaps I will recount the rest of the night at a later date.