Written by Tescoa 1234

28 Apr 2010

Hi just a quick follow on from part 1.

Thanks for the comments but its factual as much as i can recall.

Anyway was due to call to her house this morning and woke up as randy as fuck.

Sent her a quick text and she replied back. Great all ok to pop about 11 o clock.

So at 11 i duly approached her house again.

Marie opened the door to me and as soon as i stepped inside melted into my arms.

We kissed and snogged for a bit until she tarted to tug down my pants.

Breathing heavily she backed away and said please take me to my bed and use me any way you wish..Bending her head down she waited for my response.

Good bitch i said ,strip now and do it fast.

She began to strip, Faster i said i dont have all day to wait on a slut like you.

She whimpered a bit as i slapped her bare arse hard and said now quickly get up that stairs as i need to fuck you.

I followed her up the stairs and whacked her bare arse as she moved in front of me.

She lay on the bed and stripped off.

Getting up on the bed i pushed her legs up and placing my hands behind her knees pinned her down.

With no wait i rammed my hard cock deep into her waiting cunt and fucked her hard.

She cried out as i slammed into her with as much force as i could manage .

My balls slapped her arse as she moaned and cried out.

You like it hard bitch i said don't you.

Oh yes she cried out as i dropped my full weight down onto her.

Pushing my hands down i grabbed her ass cheeks and started to pull her against me as i banged into her cunt.

Moving my head down i started to bite her neck as i felt her cum under me.

I just kept on banging and biting until i shot my load deep in her cunt.

I rolled off and she lay there panting as the phone rang.

Picking it up she said yes he is here and he has just used me like the slut i am.

I moved up and pushed my cock into her mouth while grabbing her hair. Taking the phone i told her to lick me clean and praised her as she did it.

Then i said to him . She is lying here well fucked and cleaning my cock like a good slut and the next time i cum here you better be here to clean up .

I then hung up. Pulled my cock from her mouth i dressed and as i left i said i will be back Friday morning .Be ready slut.

I left and looking at my phone i realized i had only been in there 30 minutes .

Fuck she is hot and i think that Friday will be an experience for them both as i have a feeling i have found the cuckold couple i have been seeking for a long time.

Will keep the posts up. Part 3 Friday,