Written by Hotblondewife

26 Dec 2017

My hot blond wife bright one of her work mates home for dinner. She's spoken about him for a while and has said he's been checking her out and hitting on her , so we thought we'd call him over and see how far he's willing to go..

My wife is about 5 ft 7, slim, nice.legs and tits .. she was wearing her usual work outfit , short skirt, tights, a nice low cut top .the Guy was in his mid to late 20s and very pleasant.

He came around 8 with a few bottles of wine and we had some good conversation over a few bottles of wine.He was really good company , talking about work, cars , usual lad stuff.. it didn't feel like a first meeting at all.

My wife M was getting more tips and horny by the minute. Her skirt was all the way up her crossed legs and he was getting a good eyeful... We opened up a bottle of gin and continued the conversation. M left for a while and came back in a nice sexy short tight skirt and a string top and sat next to our new friend. She kept her arm on his shoulder and edging close to him. I watched them chatting away getting closer and closer to each other ... I wanted let them at it for a while , so I left the room to make another set of drinks... I think she's had given him a quick kiss... He looked stunned but happy and was trying figure out if I knew what happened or not.. I gave them the drinks and continued chatting away like nothing was up...

After some time M left the room again... I didnt want to waste any more time... I said it's really good to see M getting on so well with you, she clearly likes you a lot. He said yes she's a great girl , your very lucky ... I said well I think we are both getting lucky tonight if your up for it... He said really? I said M would be up for us both to have some fun with her ... Wow he said and downed his gin....

M made more drinks and came in and sat next to me... She bent over giving him a nice view of her ass..

I said honey, A here doesn't seem to believe that you fancy him and that I'm ok with it... She laughed and said don't listen to him A, and sat next to him .. I do fancy you she said and leaned in for a kiss and he kissed her back... She put her drink down and started to stroke his legs as they were making out ... He was giving her tits a nice squeeze... I watched for a minute or two and decides to make things move faster... I pulled down her skirt and silky knickers and went down on her.. she was super wet ... A's finger found its way to her clit and we.were both working on it ... She had a nice gyrating orgasm very quickly ... I left for another drinks and when I got back ,She was kneeling on the carpet giving him a hand job.. I got up behind her and fucked her... it was great fun.. we were making great small talk as we fucked .. after some time I realised I was being a bad host ... I let her at it and went up to get the condoms for A ... I there's them at him and said have fun! And went to the kitchen ... I could here here moaning loud and went in to see his technique... He was on his knees with her legs held up high .. he was thrusting hard and she was rubbing her self.. she came to an explosive orgasm... They stopped for a while, all three of us naked had a few more drinks and fucked again... A called a taxi around 2am and thanked us profusely for a great evening..