Written by Jeff

4 Feb 2017

Last Thursday, my wife had a fuckdate with her usual fuckbuddy, Shane. She sees him a couple times a month or so. It depends how she is tonguing for it.

Good arrangement. He wants nothing more than to fuck her and he is good at it. She likes it cause he just fucks her hard.

After meeting at a bar, they eventually went back to his house to fuck. She sent me a text telling me that and also wrote “Shane is really hot for it tonight. I have been playing with his cock in the taxi. I expect a pounding. Will tell you when I am coming home later”.

She told me later, she always does, that they fucked the first time. He had her cumming over and over. He finished with her legs pushed up on his shoulders and he long stroked into her cunt. He then pulled out to cum all over her tits. He does cum inside her but he also likes to send her home dirty, good boy. But this time, she took a shower with him. It started off innocent enough, just getting each other clean, but she ended up with her on her knees blowing him. Why am I surprised, dirty bitch. He then turned her around and pressed her against the shower wall and fucked her for a second time. She came home with her pussy rather sore and tender.

She texted me once she had left him and was in her taxi. Said “ Home soon, little bit tender”, I wrote back, “ Is your cunt stretched?”

She texted back “ Way, way uncomfortably”.

I wrote “Are you messy?”

She came back “I got cleaned but second fuck in the shower”

I wrote back “so are you really clean?”.

She wrote “think some spunk still inside me, you will have to check”.

She was home 10 minutes later.

Being the good hotwife that she is, she let me fuck her used pussy before we went to bed. I had to be very gentle though.

Yes there was evidence in her pussy. Still sticky and smelt of male cum.

Thanks Shano.