Written by best days work ever

16 Mar 2013

I entered the bedroom, the lighting as very subdude,just one small type of floodlight centerd to illuminate her body.

She was lying naked on the bed, legs spread wide,her ankles tied with soft silk to the bed legs.

Her arm were also tied above her head to the bed top, her face was covered with a loose cloth making her unrecognisable as she was being filmed by two cameras, one in each upper corner of the room.

I was naked as I entered, as instructed by her husband.

I became erect just at the sight and the thoughts of what I had been asked to do.

Walking to the foot of the bed I knelt on the floor and looked at her slit which was fully shaved.

Reaching forwards I gently parted the folds of her libia immediatly getting the fantastic smell of her sex.

Her clitoris stood proud and erect waiting for my touch.

I touched it gently with one finger ,she moaned slightly.

I increased the presure feeling her push up towards my finger so I pressed harder still.

This brought moans and wimpers as she writhed at my finger

I took my finger away and lifting myself a bit more leaned and put my mouth to her sucking her clit', this caused more writhing and pushing up as I forced my tongue into her sucking at her now prolific juices that seemed to be pouring from her.

I continued this until she had had five orgasms,the number I was told to achieve

I then got up,lay between her legs and entered her.

By this time I was so enroused that within 15 or 20 strokes my prick burst inside her bringing her to another,this time, massive climax

When it subsided and was spent, began to slacken off I slipped out and stood up.

My job done as requested I then left the room, passing her husband on his way in.