Written by undielover1

20 Apr 2007

Just less than a year ago I was best man at a friend's wedding. I'd known Mark's wife to be for a couple of years and had always fancied her but there didn't seem any chance of getting to know her sexually as although she'd often been flirty the marriage was going to put the stops on any possible encounters. Claire is 27, a slim size 10, with long blonde hair and legs that seem to go on forever, and a nice pair of tits to match, and to say she's attractive is an understatement.I'd often admired her in her tight tops and jeans, and have to admit that on the quiet fancied her something rotten! Her best friend Rachel, who was to be her bridesmaid, is a larger girl of size 14 with dark hair, but I wouldn't have said no to her either. As things turned out, I was to have the time of my life with the pair of them, just a week before the wedding.

I'd called round one evening to see Phil, and was surprised when Rachel answered the door and asked me in, explaining that Mark was out for the evening and that she was there helping Claire try on her wedding dress and things. I thought this was odd as I'd phoned an hour earlier and Claire had answered the phone, saying it was alright for me to come over. Rachel made us both a coffee and we chatted away about this and that, but I quickly got the impression that the situation was a set up as Rachel was wearing a black blouse and short skirt which didn't leave much to the imagination. I could clearly see the outline of a lacy black bra through her shirt, and was pretty convinced she was wearing stockings. Suddenly Claire called down from upstairs, and Rachel gave me a cheeky grin. "I think she wants your opinion on the dress as best man," she said, and if I'd had any doubts before, I hadn't now as Rachel took my hand and led me upstairs.

Claire was standing waiting in the middle of the bedroom, fully kitted out in her veil and pale cream wedding gown. She smiled and gave me a twirl, saying "What do you think, Phil?" "You look absolutely stunning," I told her "Good enough to eat,"

Claire smiled wickedly. "I'm glad you think that. Now, we need your opinion on my choice of underwear, don't we, Rachel? Tell me if you think Mark will like this on his wedding night."

I watched amazed as Rachel went behind Claire and she stood submissively as her friend slowly and carefully unfastened her bodice, slipping the dress down and off, leaving her in just the veil and her snow white bridal lingerie. My cock was growing in my pants as this sexy blonde stood with her hands on her shapely hips, her cleavage straining in her lace bra, her legs encased in white lace topped stockings held up with a deep suspender-belt and white garter on her left thigh, and what was evidently a damp patch in her lace thong knickers. "We did wonder about a basque rather than a bra. What do you think?"

"The bra looks great," I whispered, and Claire turned to Rachel with a sexy giggle. "Show him yours, Rachel, let's hear what Phil thinks of yours,"

Looking me right in the eye, Rachel stood by Claire and unbuttoned her blouse, shrugging off the garment and tossing it on a nearby chair. Throwing her long hair back, she licked her lips and caressed her tits, covered only by the flimsy push up black lace bra. Her next move was to unzip her skirt, dropping it down and kicking it free from her black stockinged legs. "Phil's turn," Claire laughed, and between them this sexy pair began to undress me, Claire undoing my shirt while Rachel dropped to her knees, unbuckling my belt and unzipping me.Unhurriedly the girls stripped off my shirt, jeans, boots and socks, leaving me only in my vest and red briefs which they stepped back to admire. My cock was rock hard now, straining at the thin nylon of my briefs, the air of sexual expectation filling the room. Claire turned to Rachel and giggled. "This was all your idea, you dirty bitch. We could stop now, but I'm well turned on now and I'm sure Phil is. Shall we all have sex together? I need some practice for what Mark's going to do to me on the honeymoon."

Rachel reached over and grasping me by my briefs and cock, pulled me towards the bed. "I'm so horny I'm up for anything," she said, "Let's have a really wild sexy time together. God, I need some hard cock!" .....

(To be concluded)