Written by BrazilSylvia

17 Oct 2011

My husband read my story about the strippers and was cross! Of course he knew what happened but was unaware of the details until last week. He wants me to make another guy cum and to see the evidence - I've no idea why???

Anyway we have spoken about it and come up with a plan. I don't want to be one of 20 random mouths that suck on a stripper, forgotten in the morning, I want o at least be part of something a bit memorable fo rthe guy. I've always had major insecurities, low self esteem so I have to be careful with what I do - I would hate to be rejected so I figure this - and the guys on here can put me right if need be...

I'm pretty but a bit too slim for a lot of guys, small bust so not exactly a perfect sexy shape! My husband gets so horny thinking of me pleasuring another guy - really gets off on it. So what's in it for me? Well, the idea is exciting but not particularly in a sexy way. Of course, making my husband feel THAT sexy is a turn on. Also, the feeling of being desired by other guys does my confidence good. Then there is the feeling of just being nice to someone - I like that

I have someone in mind. He works at my office, just celebrated from his wife. Around 40 and quite plain looking, going a bit bald, little bit stocky, looks like decent guy. I have sat with him at lunch a few times and he told me about his wife leaving him for another guy. He said he was hurting but was getting on with his life. he always seems a bit awkward around me to be honest but I know he likes me as he said that his son would be jealous to see him having lunch with me.

My plan goes like this. He works long hours, into the evening most night. I don't but can easily work on if I want. I have the keys to all the conference rooms so plan to go into one to set up a presentation for the morning. I will ask him to come in to help - nothing at all suspicious thus far.

Once inside I will lock the door behind us - Blinds are down, no CCTV, nobody else is likely to be around so we would pretty much have the place to ourselves. I am hopeless at seduction, small talk etc so my only move would be to go down at his feet, undo his trousers and put him straight in my mouth and start sucking before he can even react. Now surely as a middle aged guy just seperated and not feeling good about himself, he wouldn't turn down a pretty girl at his feet licking his cock would he? I don't want to have sex with him though so would continue to lick and suck him for as long as it takes, maybe taking my top off if I think he would like it.

When I think he is about to cum I have strict instructions. My husband want to see it in my hair. It's jet black and it would really show. I'll suck and lick until the last seconds then lick on his balls with his cock pointed at my forehead. We're hoping he cums lots and lots!

I want to feel like this is a big deal for the guy. Something to put a smile on his face, something he will remember for ever. I want him to be down the pub sometime later starting a story with "You'll never believe what happened to me at work one evening..."

My heart is beating fast just writing this. It's going to happen soon, maybe this week even.