Written by Rob

15 Feb 2010

I posted a few weeks ago about having been with my wife for thirty years or so and about having watched her being done by another guy while I watched her unseen.

One of the comments asked about the first occaision after I had found semen stains on her panties and stockings,well as the post went we had been to a party and she had gone missing part way through the evening,apparently this one guy had taken a Jan and after they had been dancing he had told her he would love to kiss her anyway she said something like no chance of that with my boyfriend and all these other people around.

She told me that later on she had gone to the bathroom and on her way out this man was waiting on the landing, he grabbed her arm and pulled her down the passage to an empty bedroom, she said he pulled her inside and locked the door, she said he started to kiss her and she felt his hand lifting up her dress until it was up over her stocking tops and bare legs and panties so he could hold it up around her waist with one hand while the other hand pulled her lacy black panties to the side so he could caress her wet hairy pussy.

She said his fingers teased her clitty until her legs went weak and she started to unzip his pants. Once she had his penis in her hand and was wanking it he gently pushed her head down so she could open her mouth and suck the end of his dick, she loves sucking cock and was first introduced to it at seventeen so has plenty of experience.

He was calling her a dirty bitch which she said only served to make her more excited and she asked him if he was going to fuck her or not, at this he turned her around and pushed her a little roughly over to the bed, he bent her down and told her to hold up her dress and help him to pull her panties down, she said her hands met his at the waistband of the panties and they started to slowly ease them down over her hips and bare legs till they were just below the tops of her dark stockings.

He told her to put his dick in her pussy so she reached back and after stroking it put it to her fanny lips. Jan said he fucked her slowly at first while telling her what a horny little bitch she was which made her come really quickly,she felt him get quicker and grunt just before ejaculating into her hot wet hairy pussy.

She said he came for what seamed like forever before pulling out and wiping his penis on the backs of her stockings, he told her that he would be coming back for more and would be calling her later. Obviously as you will see from my first post this was when I watched them.

More to share if interested.