Written by buggsy12

19 Mar 2010

I always loved women, being w/e they too enjoyed me. Thats the way it was untill i met C in Cardiff. She was tall, wavey dark hair, pouting lips with a mature figure for her 18yrs. We hit it off and soon were enjoying a good sexual relationship. I was the first guy she had ever sucked, and she turned out to be very experimental. Once we met a couple through Forum magazine and had same room sex in London. She even had a clinch with the girl, I had no interest in the guy or his cock. One night we were naked on the bed having just had sex. Without speaking she put her fingers in her cum filled pussy and brought them up to feel and look at my spunk. She sniffed and then stuck out her tounge and tasted some, a first for her. Although she licked her fingers clean 2/3 times, on the forth she held them up to my mouth. I licked a bit and could taste my saltyness mixed with her juices. And that was that. A few days later i was on my back naked with C ontop, we were hard at it while i feasted on her gorgous tits. Then she came which brought me off too, as soon as i had stopped shaking she quicly got off and plonked herself squarely on my mouth, pinning my arms with her legs. As she rode my mouth, the cum seaped out and into my mouth. I wasn't as disgusted as i should have been,when she had cum like that, she kissed and licked my face and we shared the slimey tang of our lovemaking. That then became the order of things whenever we made love, naturally our thoughts then turned to inviting a man to join us. I was'nt so sure about this at first, it was her idea although it was in my fantasies. We met a stranger one night at a bar and got on well, no real flirting, just friendship although i could see by the way he was eyeing her up, what was going through his head. With no intent we invited him back for drinks and chat. Cutting a long story short, we were sat on our large settee with C in the middle as we drank and watched an erotic thriller. C began carressing my inner thigh then turned and started kissing me.I didn't know her other hand was stroking our guests thigh, gently rubbing over his crotch. When she lay back again she was rubbing both our crotches, eyes closed and breathing deeply. Right there and then i decided to just go with whatever happened. I reached out and cupped her right tit, feeling her nipple rise, i looked up at K and nodded, he did the same to her left. She unzipped us both and was soon slowly wanking us both while i had stripped off her top. We both bent down and started to kiss and suck on her hardened nipples, my hand inched down her panties, she still had her eyes closed. Still sucking her tits i put K's hand on her pussy in a way to reassure him all was ok, he needed no further prompting, his cock, a good 7' and wide throbbed as she slid her hand up and down it. Soon my fingers had joined his in her, we made her cum. I lay on the floor and C mounted me and began to fuck. She pulled K till he was standing feet either side of my head and she worked his cock. It was glistening with plenty of pre-cum as i watched her slowly lick and then suck on his cock till he started pumping her mouth steadily, her hands now on his hips. I watched it all from below but was lost in my own sexual desire. She made him kneel like this, she wanted me to get a closer look as we fucked, she again started sucking his cock, then kissed me and moved between us like this. I could taste his juice from her lips. Without warning she suddenly spun round and started sucking my cock, reaching back she rubbed K's cock along her slit which was just above my face. She pulled his cock into her and i watched it sink home and start to pump her. I found the whole thing fascinating, i should have been appalled in reality. Sometimes he would pull right out before slamming back in. At one point when this happened she reached back, my cock down her throat, and pulled his cock down till it sat on my lips. To this day i don't know why but i opened my mouth and sucked on it. It was an odd feeling but not unpleasant. Then he fucked her again sometimes alternating between us. Eventually with a groan he errupted into her as they both came. When he withdrew she sat on my face and worked her pussy over my mouth, there cum dripped in to my mouth and to my shame, i drank it all. Soon she turned round again and fucked me again, kissing me and licking the juices before taking K's wilting cock back in her mouth. I didnt last long and came loads inside her. Still sucking K's hardening cock, she again sat on my face forcing me to have my own cum. K didn't last long and he came into C's mouth, she came on mine. Breaking free she lay on top of me and we sharred the spunk. That night was never repeated again but it did lead to other things. Yes, i still see myself hetro, i don't fancy guys. (true story,part two soon)