Written by jock69uk

19 Apr 2007

Another boring day in prospect pointing the house,I dedcided to have a brew in the garden to psyce myself up,I gave Hilda a quick call to see how she was after last weeks episode just to make sure she was OK .We had a laugh about her stunt with her friend Jean,she said that Harold had got over the shock and we should be ok to meet up next week,I just said sooner the better cos'my hormones we going mad!!We agreed to speak early next week,finishing the call I could delay no longer and mixed some concrete.I was up the ladder my mind in neutral pointing for england and wishing I was somewhere else when the mobile went,I didn't recognise the caller but answered allay the boredom,and was surprised to hear Jean's voice ,she said Hilda had given her my number,hoping I didn't mind,and she wondered if I wanted to collect the film from last week,I said when and she replied how about now,no problem i'll have a shower and be straight round.

Jean must have been on the lookout because as I was parking the car the front door opened,she looked very demure but very attractive,showing me through to the lounge she poured us coffee ,saying how nice it was to meet me fully clothed,I laughed and said I didn't want to frighten her neighbours so decided to dress.She then after chatting for a while asked if I wanted to take a look at the film,having agreed I have to admit it felt weird watching Hilda and myself screwing in the company of another woman,When it reached the point that she arrived I couldn't resist commenting she was made to wear basques,she smiled and kept watching until the point where she leaned forward whilst we were screwing to wisper in my ear ,at this point she said how about doing what we discussed? Remembering vividly her comments I agreed immediately,smiling she said excuse me while I change,help yourself to more coffee.She really was a stunning lady ,probably 5ft 9in tall size 14,with a massive chest,very statuesque,with excellent legs,an when she returned she looked breathtaking,wearing the black basque I so admired last week,but this time teamed up with thigh length boots with heels that must have taken her to nearer 6ft tall,she stood in the doorway smiling at the look on my face ,just letting the impact take effect.Finally she strode across the room,closed the curtains and joined me on the sofa,after a passionate kiss she started to remove my clothes until I was stark naked she then took out a tube of jelly from the top of one boot put a blob on my cock and slowly rubbed it into the shaft and then my balls,I leaned forward to reach for her wonderous chest but she pulled backn saying that I should lay back she would do the work. Being a man I did exactly as instructed closing my eyes and enjoyed the sensational cock massage ,suddenly I felt her slip something over the shaft and looking down saw it was a narrow leather strap which she then looped around my sack,finally fastening it through a tiny buckle,welcome to the arab strap she murmered before sucking my length into her mouth.The devise had an amazing effect,my cock rock hard and my balls huge and pulled forward,looking quite a package.

After a couple of minutes she spat my cock out and looking directly into my eyes said I need a good service,throwing one booted leg over my thighs she grasped my length and rammed it inside her wet fanny,immediately grinding out a good steady rythm,starting to moan almost immediately,I could resist no longer and moved to release her beautiful tits,as I freed thm she leaned slightly forward enabling me to suck her glorious nipples,with this her tempo increased and I could feel my balls coated with her warm juice. Remembering her comments of last week I mumered in her ear exactly what she had said at which point she became a wild animal,impaling herself on my prick with ever increasing speed,bouncing up and down,her head thrown back with her hands on her glorious backside,shoting as she rode,using the choicest of language to describe what she intended to do to me,she then tightened her muscles on my prick and shuddered to a huge climax.Now I don't know about you but anal sex has always appealed to me but I have only ever had one girlfriend who did it once,whilst we were watching porn,never offering a repeat performance ,this lady was demanding it as part of her service!!

As she slowed her pace after comming I teased her saying she wouldn't get it up her beautiful arse until she made me come,with that she started hammering away at my cock like a woman possessed,she moaned and cursed and was going so hard I thought she would wear it out,I want your arse I screamed,without a secnd thought she reached for the jelly put a dollop on two fingers and inserted them up her arse,grunting in pleasure as she did,lifting of my cock she immediately placed the end to her bud and rammed down onto it,no messing around in up to my balls,the tiny buckle nestling on her cheeks.If she was noisy before then it was as nothing,now she screamed with pleasure,each stroke bringing more joy her loving each penetration,I lifted her of and before she could speak turned her onto her knees stood between her booted legs and slammed my cock back into her glorious rear,now its my turn I said and pounded as hard and fast as I could,she returned every thrust with interest gradually lifting her arse for deeper access,I could wait no more pouring my spunk into her ,with each spurt feeling the one before squelching out .I pulled my cock out and collapsed beside her,she smiled kissed me pationately and just said what a fucking service!!!

We showered,I helped clean the sofa as best we could and said I was heading off,pecking me on the cheek we said our goodbyes and I drove off. After a few minutes the phone went ,it was Hilda,hormones sorted she asked,you made an impression Jean's invited us to her cottage in the lakes,fuck me I've forgotten the film I said.