Written by Rob_Consort

27 Jul 2012

Several of the SH Members will be familiar with our young Asian Mom’s new membership and participation in our local swing social. For several months Ali nurtured her awareness of our swing/swap group…prior to my arrival here in London, we engaged Hitomi in oral activity…BUT only limited to cunnilingus at the time. Since, and with regret at my end, she’s been drawn into full sexual play. My close friend and colleague, Greg, with some assistance from Ali, has introduced our Asian Mom to full fuck play.

The odd aspect here...why I’m submitting this update...Hitomoi’s husband has been to date relegated as an unknown factor. James (his Japanese name too complicated, so James close enough) travels extensively for his automotive employer…away from home on dealer engagements about 3 out of 4 weeks. However, even with his absence, Ali and I query how he can’t be aware of his wife’s involvement with our group! In recent weeks, that has dramatically changed…!

Hitomi received a party invite from the group…Gary and Denise hosted a ‘play’ event at their townhouse recently. Of course, you can image what ‘play’ construes. Hitomi accepted the invite and attended the carriage house event 3 weeks ago. Cooincidentally, James returned from a trip early…coming home late Saturday afternoon rather than his scheduled arrival upcoming Monday. Apparently seeing the invite on their desk, he decided to “join” his wife…meeting her at Gary’s place. He arrived about 9pm…and when introduced himself…clearly Gary & Denise quite surprised. NO…I would say shocked! So was my wife who was in attendance…and several other of our members including Greg and his wife Sandra. The social amenities were covered…as best as could be. James asked to find his wife at the party. Denise hemmed a bit…suggesting that perhaps Hitomi had already left. James didn’t accept the explanation…pressed to learn more about of our swing social and his wife’s presence at the party…as an ‘unescorted wife/mom!’ Greg stepped in…and in his usual fashion candidly explained that several members were partying…enjoying…fulfilling their desires…that likely Hitomi was doing same. Of course, our swing group already knew that…they were just trying to cover for James’ wife.

Greg and Gary decided to bring James to the 2nd floor parlor where Hitomi was engaged. If anything, everyone would NOW be in the know…including her husband. Gary suggested they simply observe some of the ‘games’ from the door…James got ever more curious. At the parlor door, James became the “aware husband”…finally!! There on a bed rested Hitomi’s back. Well, at least part of her back. Rather, her legs were hoisted up on Eric’s chest…just reaching his shoulders…while Eric’s cock was rhythmically pumping Hitomi’s cunt. Clearly, his shaft glistened from her juices…but even more telling, as he pumped in, a small bit of creamy ooze surfaced around her clit each time. Very clearly, Eric wasn’t the first to fuck her that evening!

However, at the same time, another member Will, was at head of the bed…holding her hair and face as his cock worked in and out of her mouth…a face fuck tempo meant to coordinate with Eric’s cunny engagement. Greg silently motioned to Will…lip noting that Hitomi’s husband was present. Will shrewdly stopped plugging his cock in her mouth…and as well let go of her hair. It only became obvious that there was NO force fucking here with the Asian mom and wife…rather Hitomi kept licking and sucking on Will’s shaft…with what Greg ‘delicately’ described to me as a slurping sound…! James was motionless…without expression OR hint of rage. He watched his wife being fucked…a woman who apparently wanted to be fucked. Even more disturbing…or do I mean inviting…off to the side of the room, another member, Mark (Margo’s hubby) was preparing to follow Eric’s engagement…Hitomi was the ‘entertainment’ for the evening.

This was NO gang bang and group fuck party…! Rather, Hitmoi was openly willing to engage whoever wished. I might add, Ali told me she was even sober…at least at the start of the session. For nearly 15 minutes, James watched his lovely woman being drilled and stuffed…cunny and orally. He eventually turned around…wished to go downstairs… Some heavy conversation ensued…James clearly upset that Hitomi never shared her ‘sexual interests’ and never advised that she joined our swing group. But, speaking to ‘awareness,’ James admitted he had no substantial objection. Turns out, James had his own action on the side…a young sales woman who accompanies him on their field trips…conducting more trips into her pussy than perhaps business calls…!!

When Ali told me I wasn't surprised...many Japanese execs keep their mistresses sometimes closer than their spouses… Gary and Greg suggested that perhaps our group could bring he and his wife together…and consider introducing James’ concubine to our group…would make quite an exciting variety and appeal…! James politely rejected the suggestion…didn’t want issues of his honor involved… Love it…HIS honor!! He opted to leave the party without Hitomi even knowing he was there clearly witness to her fucking.

Gary asked how to proceed. James suggested he would not even show that he arrived at home…that he would go over to his young lady’s apartment in Brooklyn…and return home to Hitomi on Monday as originally scheduled. Even more interesting…aware that his wife was the Mother to their 6-year old son being cared for by their live-in, James regretted that he never bedded the nanny. He now felt excused and vindicated…that since his wife has joined the ranks of ‘slut Mom and wife’ he now has no hesitation to occasionally seek out their young nanny…another local Asian gal in her 20’s.

Sounds like a lot of complication and affairs in making, doesn’t it…! In closing, it only gets more exciting… James said that his wife fulfilled his need…gave him a fine son. One day, that boy would live under James’ roof…as he anticipated a separation/divorce at some point. To Gary and Greg, he suggested…have the joy with Hitomi…if she’s chosen to engage in her sexual needs with other men and women…so be it. Clearly, Ali was upset when she learned about Hitomi’s husband’s remarks…very upset. BUT, to Gary, Greg, Eric, Will…AND me as well as other husbands and wives in our group, including Ali ultimately, our relatively new Asian Mom has become one heck of a party woman. We ARE a swing and swap group…members plan to line up and look forward to partying with Hitomi over the coming months. I, as well, when return to the States in October...!!