Written by holboy

9 Sep 2010

I've recently come back from a hol in Egypt with my gf. I'm 40, my gf 38. We both are very sexually active and wanted a nice holiday to unwind and basically fuck as much as we can. Unknown to me this hol was a dream come true for me. I ended up fucking a married woman under the nose of my GF and her older husband.

We met a lovely couple on the plane. He was 50yrs old and she 42. She was very well toned, blonde, lovely pair of tits and long legs. He was an ex salesman in his 2nd marriage but very friendly.

On the 1st day we ended up sunbathing together by the pool. Seen her (Mandy) in her skimmy bikini soon got me very hot. Mandy would lay there, soaking up the sun and rubbing sun lotion all over her. The sight of her moving her hands all over her sexy , got me turned on. I enjoyed fucking my wife thinking of her.

On the 3rd day my GF booked a 2 hr pampering session at the hotel so I ended up on the lounger on my own, and Mandy found and joined me. She explained Alex had a headache and decided to lay down for a bit. We got talking and flirting. She was wearing another very revealing outfit. I could not believe my luck. As she soaked the sun, i could not take my eyes from her tanned sexy body. She caught me a few times and I think it turned her on as i could see her nipples getting harder. She suddenly took her bra off and exposed her very firm tits with her large erected nipples. My cock shot up like a bullet. She turned around and asked if i mind putting some lotion on her back.

I obliged and she faced down and i poured the warm lotion on her back and started to rub it in. The feel of her smooth skin had my cock throbbing. She asked me to do the same on her legs. My hands moved on to her legs and i couldn't resist my fingers slightly touching her inner thigh. She commented on my lovely but firm hands and moved her legs apart. This encouraged me to move my middle finger on her pussy and very swiftly touched and massaged it. She was very wet and 'ummed' with pleasure.

She commented 'i could with more of this'.. Been very horny I explained my room is free.

She put her top back on and followed me.

As soon as i entered my room, we ripped each other's swimwear off and I moved her down on our double bed and started to lick her very wet and shaven pussy. I used my tongue on her clit while fingering her. We moved in a 69 position. She took the length of my 8inch cock and sucked it deep.

I put on a condom, moved on top, lifted her legs over my shoulder and entered her deep. Started to fuck her hard while holding her legs. She was moaning with complete pleasure and continued to shout 'harder babe harder'. With all my strength my rhythm increased and it was wasn't long before I shot my load and continued to fuck her till she screamed while cuming.

We quickly kissed, cuddled and left the room and went back to the pool. The thrill of fucking while our partners were nearby really made the fuck that much nicer.

We didn't get a chance to fuck again but continued to text each other , playing the text sex game.

All I can say is my fucking with my GF moved to the next gear.My GF was very satisfied.

Upon returning to the UK our texting has continued and we plan to meet one weekend. watch this space.