Written by Iain

30 Jun 2008

I once went on holiday to Turkey with my girlfriend, her sister and my girlfriend`s best mate. The first day we arranged to all go to the sea together, we were staying in a room about 4 doors away from her sister and best friend. Her sister and friend knocked on the door and as I opened it, her sister had the smallets bikini top on you could imagine and I felt myself getting hard instantly and she spotted this and she told me that before the week finished she would fuck me as she had never seen a cock as big as mine before, well I was gagging by the 4th day so I arranged for us to do some shopping and in one of the shops I tried some clothes on and she came into the cubicle, closed the curtain behind us and told me to fuck her, she wanted to fuck me right there and then and then stripped naked, didn`t take long as she only had a tiny see through bikini on and she got my cock out and started sucking on it. We could hear people going past and anyone could have easily have opened the curtain but she didn`t care and neither did I. She bent over and told me to fuck her pussy and fill it with my cum, by now her pussy was wet and I mean very wet with the thought of someone opening the curtain and seeing us both totally naked and fucking turned us both on. Her sister had told her how big my cock was and she wanted it because she had fucked her husband but didn`t know she knew so this was her revenge. She was the best fuck I have ever had and we still look back to the day and wonder how we were not caught.We went drinking at night and got hammered and the talk turned to sex asking if anyone had ever had a threesome, it turned out I was the only one so that night they agreed we would have a foursome, me & 3 babes who all had big tits, not massive but big and absolutely stunning tits and the 3 of them all had tatoos on them, a rose on their left breast. This was a fantasy I was living out for real and I will never ever forget it. Me and three of the hottest dirtiest horniest babes you could ever imagine were taking it in turns to fuck me and we never talked about it even though we are stull friends and I still shag my girlfriend`s sister.