Written by jardinnerre

22 Jun 2013

ihave recently returned from a 2 week hol in Costa del Sol with my boyfriend of 6 months Barry He knows that i am bi sexual and the reason i like him is that he had the confidence to admit that he used to have oral sex with his best mate at school but has never done any bi activity since

Anyway on our first night we got shown to our table for dinner and were sharing with a Birmingham couple Heather and Jim who were older than us at 43ish We hit it off immedietely and found them really easy to talk too Because of this we decided to go out on the town with them and had a really good time

we repeated this over the next few nights and i found myself having a little crush on Heather and admitted this to Barry and he told me to go for it as he thought Heather was sexy as well SO the next evening i wore my shortest skirt no pants or bra Jim's eyes were bulging when we came down for dinner and i could see him looking at my nipples through the summer dress When Heather and i went too loo she laughed that i had made Jims holiday and that she was sure that he would fuck her tonite after seeing me I laughed and said that i would be more pleased if she was the one ogling me She was silent and then said she was wet just looking at me After a few akward moments i leaned forward and gave her a kiss full on lips and much to my surprise not only did she respond but immediately put her hand up my dress and found my garment free fanny and started to rub me After a couple of seconds we heard door opening and pulled apart and returned to the boys After dinner we walked down to town and as we stopped too look at shops the boys walked on and Heather grabbed my bottom and whispered in my ear that she wanted me I asked about Jim and she told me he liked watching her being fucked so wouldnt bother as long as he could watch but what about Barry and i explained he knew i fancied her

After a few drinks at clubs Heather suggested we go back to her room for some drinks and i seen her whisper something into Jims ear and he nodded When in there room Heather went into bathroom to change into her nighty and asked me in to help her change As soon as we shut door she went on her knees and started licking me furiously It wasnt long before i came and as i am quite noisy the boys could not have been in any doubt as to what was happening I dont know how long we were in there but when we came out the boys just gave us a round of applause and Heather went over kissed Jim but then surprised me by then giving Barry a long lingering kiss and then saying your girlfiend tastes great doesnt she Jim then said oh so we dont get to watch and Heather said certainly dragged me onto bed and took my dress of and began making love to me As i looked up Jim had his cock out and was wanking away and then told Barry to join in Barry looked at me and i smiled so he stood up and took off his shorts and began rubbing his cock Heather then went over and started sucking Barry and beckoned me over to get under her and i began fingering and licking her out and i could feel her start to come and fell off Barry onto the floor and to my amazement Jim moved over to Barry and said let me finish you off and began sucking my boyfriend expertly Barry was too far gone to stop him even if he he wanted to and us girls sat on floor watching them and before long i heard Barry make that familiar sound and watched as he spurted his load in Jims mouth After taking all his come Jim leaned down to me and kissed me full on mouth and said your boyfriend vtastes good and we all burst out laughing At that Jim stood in front of Barry and said your turn mate Barry looked at me and i smiled so he just leaned forward and started sucking Jim off After about a couple of minutes Jim stepped back and told me to lie on bed As i lay down he told Barry to start licking me and as he started to lick me i felt him get pushed onto me and when i looked up Jim was behind him and then Barry let out a slight ouch and i suddenly realised that Jim was fucking my boyfriend Barry look of pain suddenly turned into a look of pleasure and i had the pleasure of holding my boyfriends head to my chest as Jim fucked him for seemed ages before i felt Barrys body shudder as Jim emptied his load into his bum What a night more if you like this