Written by Bee

12 Aug 2012

Second Day of my holiday and i've done it got fucked that is. Same old routine played out we were met at the airport by our holiday rep's. Since my sexual awakening I have started looking at everything as a opportunity to get young cock there was a few girl and boy reps waiting as we came out of arrivals and I sraight away clocked a dark haired tanned lad I hope he's in our hotel I thought. On to the coach waiting for everyone to load there bags and get on I couldn't take my eye's of the door will it won't it be him. All of the reps came out of the airport and walked towards the coach's on to our coach he came I found myself saying yes out load and my husband said pardon I said yes we are finally on holiday quick thinking I thought. We travelled on the coach with hime doing the usual introduction and banter. Tom was his name and I just sat there looking him up and down wondering what his body was like and what his cock was like. We got to the hotel and he said the guest meeting was tomorrow morning. Early night and up early getting myself ready with a new bikini with a nice sarong down we went. My husband and kids asked whats the rush I said we need to get a good seat sitting at the front, he was there looking even fitter than last night on the coach he went through the usual trip's that were on offer the kids were nagging to go to the pool. We booked a boat trip and I turned to my husband and said you take the kids and I'll sort out the payment etc for the trip. As Tom was also dealing with other guest's he said he would push the paperwork and tickets under our room door before he left later that morning. I went straight up to the room went in and took off my bikini but left my see through sarong on. I then opened the door and left it ajar sat on the bed and found my heart was starting to pound with the anticipation of might and might not happen shortly, before long I found my hand slip down between my legs I came within minutes I seem to be in a constant high sexual state since being unfaithfull to my husband. I went out on the the balconie to check my husband and kids were still by the pool I gave them a wave and heard a Hello I went back into the room and standing there was Tom he handed me the tickets etc and I said is it your job to make my holiday the best it can be and he answered with a bit of a stutter yes. I said I need some sun cream on my back would you be so kind and I handed him a bottle of cream. Ok he said a little unsure I turned around and lowered the back of my sarong so my back was exposed down to the top of my bum he started to rub in the cream as he got lower I slide my sarong down so he could see my bum he gave one of my cheek's a little rub I think it was a test to see how far he could go so I just dropped the sarong to the flour and turned around. We looked into each others eyes and we both could see the lust in one another I went down on to my knees, undid his shorts and pulled out his cock, nice is all that I could think. Putting my mouth around his knob sucking slowly his cock it started to grow and before long it was really nice size and very vainie it felt so good. Looking up at him smiling I said do you want to fuck me and he said fucking right I do. I turned around got on to the bed on all fours he came up behind me and slipped it in fucking in a nice rhythm, I couldn't help but scream he pulled out and shot his load all up my back I turned around and sucked the last few drops out of him. He said he had to go and I said see you soon. He left and I had a quick shower and went out on to the balconie to see if my husband was still at the pool and standing on the next balconie was another young lad with a real smirk on his face he must have been listening all along I said hello went back into the room put on my bikini and went down to the pool. Lying in the sun my mind started to think about the lad in the next room my next holiday fuck maybe.