Written by AlKaz

4 Sep 2017

Thank you for your comments so far we have been setting the scene on how this holiday’s events changed our (sex) life forever.

Bit of a rest day after the first two and the next evening we just pulled up and their car was already parked my cock twitched at what might happen. Kaz and myself had both fantasised about Mike and Sue since that morning and we were both of the mind it would defiantly be an experience to repeat and maybe more if they felt the same and offered it If they found two nearly 60’s attractive but they were of the same age themselves.

Kaz was our sober driver Mike was sat in the passenger seat .No sign of Sue until she stepped out of the car looking in and seeing her head bobbing up and down on his cock. swallowing his entire length down her throat. pausing when she saw Kaz .” I was wondering if you needed any help laughed Kaz but you seem to be coping fine. Welcome if you want was the reply. Kaz paused “are you serious ?” “too right. We’ve been talking, having watched you both the other day we might never get a chance like this again. I’m really sorry if I’m offending you she began. Kaz opened their car door as I shot round coming up behind her as she reached in her hand taking hold of Mike near the base gently wanking him as Sue resumed sucking him. Kaz was wearing jeans but I still reached between her parted legs feeling her up through them. Sue paused. “Go on have a taste” she encouraged Kaz needed no second ask,her lips enveloping Mike’s cock head as her hand took a firmer grasp as her stroke rate increased. Take your hand off encouraged Sue see if you can get that length down. I want to try your girth myself she said pointedly to me. Kaz pushed down and the extra inch or so disappeared fully down past the back of her throat as Mike reached under to feel her tits with his left hand I leant over unclasping her bra he has soon pulled her blouse from in her jeans giving him full access. Lets go into our place said Sue getting out walking round to me unclipping her bra as she approached and lifting it and her tee shirt off. Our lips met in a tongue fencing kiss my hands straight to caress those tits and their engorged nipples. Hers frantically rubbing my cock through my jeans. Kaz straightened and stepped away allowing Mike to get out and sort himself out enough for us to head for their door as he got their key out Kaz reached over to me unzipping my flies Sue’s hand straight in wrapping around me “enjoy” she said and thank you. I’ve wanted to feel this ever since I saw it gasped Sue as I latched on to her left nipple “ditto to yours “ said Kaz. Door opened we all stumbled in with a scramble as we all removed our remaining clothes Mike sat on the couch Kaz dropping down straight back to sucking him “sit next “said Sue I dutifully did and within seconds her mouth enveloped my cock tonguing the end then licking her way around the back of the head before pushing down to swallow me down. I was dribbling precum like there was no tomorrow but the more that came the harder Sue sucked while I fondled those mammarys while Mike was treating Kaz tits similar but thrusting his hips harder really fucking her mouth and throat. Sue straightened up my right hand invading between her legs as she once again sought my lips with hers. Her pussy lips were smaller than Kaz but Her clit half as big again I was able to gently stroke and roll it between thumb and forefinger noting the wetness of her pubes never mind the slit that was positively trickling juice. Not at this point having experienced sloppy seconds my mind wondered if they had fucked recently I was to learn later this was all Sue’s own. Whatever she was even wetter than Kaz and I didn’t with my limited experience think that possible. Sue stepped back at the same time as Kaz both fingering themselves before offering us their fingers to taste their womanly juice.

Sue moved forward grabbing my cock and lowering herself down with a huge groan as our pubes intermingled. Kaz was now in exactly the same position. “race you to a cunt full” groaned Sue as she began to grind her pussy up and down my cock. She felt tighter than Kaz I buried my face in those tits “don’t go easy on them” Sue commanded I sucked and nibbled her right as hard as I’d dare with Kaz while pinching and twisting the left bringing forth one of those screams we’d heard before as her orgasm hit realising at that point Kaz was matching her as Mike hit her spot and giving a guttural growl as he began jetting his seed into her belly this was just far too much and my own hit as I soaked sues cervix with the force of my cum………