Written by david0304

28 Aug 2011

My wife Lynn and have just had a short break in the lakes and stayed at a small B&B which turned out better than expected.

For those who have not read about us before, I am 51 my wife is 46, size12 with large breasts and still as horny as hell.

On our first night we got talking to our host, John who was in his late 60s, in the local pub. he told us he used to run the B&B with his wife until she died 5 yrs ago and he was planning to retire this year.

As the night wore on I noticed that he was eyeing up Lynn and looking at her tits in her low cut top, Lynn was also flirting openly and crossing her legs flashing her stocking tops as she did so.

When she went to the toilet John saw that I noticed him looking at her as she walked, he appologised and explained he had not been with a woman since his wife died. I told him it was ok and that I was not the jealous type and that I quite liked the idea of other men fancying my wife and as long as she was happy then I was happy.

I told Lynn of this conversation when John had went to the toilet and Lynn said that if I was ok with it then she would let John fuck her back at the B&B, I said it was fine with me and to enjoy herself.

I went to the toilet and left Lynn to sort things out with John, when I returned John had his hand up Lynns skirt and was fingering her pussy right there at the table, he looked at me and I nodded that it was alright for him to continue and that if he wanted we could go back to the room and continue there.

As soon as we got in the room Lynn removed Johns trousers and started to suck his cock which was longer than mine about 8in but not as thick, Lynn was wanking it with her right hand and licking and sucking the tip until his thighs tightened and he started to jerk and fill Lynns mouth with his cum.

Lynn then undressed leaving just her stockings on and I fucked her doggy style till I filled her pussy with cum, but still she wasnt satisfied, the rest of the night John and I fucked her in turn until both of us could manage no more.

We have made arrangements to go back next year and if John has retired we have asked him to join us as our guest, Lynn has said she wants to make him her first 70 year old fuck, and I will watch with interest.