Written by AlKaz

29 Aug 2017

Thank you for the comment. It seemed well appreciated so here we go with the second part of our life change.

I woke about an hour and a half later with two things firstly Kaz right leg pressing hard against mine secondly the screaming. At first in my half asleep state it was a “is there a fire thought” then I realised it was a woman in the throes of orgasm and not my Kaz. “We have neighbours after all” She announced “and thank fuck you are awake at last this woke me about 15 minutes ago and that (as the noise subsided ) was her third.: horny girl whoever she is”. My eyes were now accustomed to the dim light from the radio alarm, Kaz tee shirt was above her waist and her left hand was rubbing her clit she must have woken me as she had come herself. Both myself and my cock were wide awake now. Kaz raised her shirt over her tits spreading both legs wide.” Fuck me that was horny now for fucks sake get in me she commanded” I rolled over straight on top in a missionary position covers thrown back my cock sliding straight in to her soaking wet fanny her hand still between us frantically rubbing while my mouth sucked hard on her right nipple she now put both hands behind me wrapping her legs behind my back as I thrust in her juices already matting our pubes together. Kaz was now getting vocal urging me on and certainly as unconcerned as our neighbour through the wall who knew about it as she wailed out her orgasm I slowed my thrusts as she came down wrapped in our own passion we then realised that number four was happening next door as she again began to scream out her climax. Knowing Kaz as I do I speeded my stroke rate grinding my pubic bone against her clit triggering her second but this time partly keeping my ears on the other woman before I emptied my own spunk deep into Kaz.

Coming down still in our clinch we waited until I softened and slipped out. “I bet me and her have both got a damp patch to sleep on tonight” said Kaz grabbing a handful of tissues from a box on the bedside cabinet to mop up “Christ that was horny, nearly like being in the same room” I said “too right. I wonder how old they are?” she said questioningly “ Probably not old farts like us” I said. “I wonder what it would be like” she mused “ fucking right next to someone else like that” Although now tiring my mind raced into fantasy “depends if they only wanted to fuck one another” I said “at this moment I’m sure we’d fuck them both she said if it was on offer” My ears pricked with that comment as I drifted off to sleep She’d never even make a comment like that up to three years ago was she considering it……………