Written by Paul

22 Dec 2011

Thanks for all your comments on my last post on 7 Dec. I meant to post earlier but held back as I felt a bit embarrassed as you will see when you read on......

I left off telling you that Andrea had told me to clean her properly if I wanted to watch what happened next. Part of me didn’t want to clean up the massive load Alan had squirted all over my wife, but the other half of me wanted to see what was going to happen next. What made it for me was of the other men saying clean her up or we will. I then started to lick up all of Alan’s spunk, there was loads of it and it tasted slightly salty but very creamy. After the first few licks I got used to it and Andrea directed my efforts by pulling on the lead around my neck and hissing words of encouragement like “Yes, yes lick my tits, clean me up”.

Just as I had finished cleaning up Andrea I noticed she beckoned to Nick who was still ramming his cock into Wendy, who by this time was like a rag doll on the end of his cock. In short it looked like Nick had fucked Wendy’s brains out. As Nick sidled over to Andrea I noticed that he was fully waxed and I could hear his massive Balls slapping against his thighs as he took a step. His whole body glistened with sweat and pre-cum and pussy juice dripped off his massive cock and Prince Albert as he walked upto Andrea and straddled over her head and then offered his cock to her mouth. Andrea greedily accepted his cock and nibbled at his Prince Albert before she started to take the huge cock head into her mouth. By this time everyone was now watching Andrea perform with Nick, once she had realised this Andrea then got up and went over to a large but very low stool that was surrounded by cushions where she lay on her back and then pulled her legs up to her shoulders. Her pussy and ass were now gapping open and dripping in sweat and pussy juice. I thought she was going to ask me to clean her but all she did was say to Nick “Drive it home big Boy”. Nick then got between her legs, it was obvious his rock hard cock was ready to be used and as he placed the cock head at Andrea’s pussy lips they just seemed topart and swallow his cock; he then started to drive his massive weapon into my wife as he placed his feet on the stool either side of Andreas splayed ass. Andrea then leant to one side and looking at me said “Lick my Ass and pussy”. I just looked and thought how?, there’s a massive cock in her pussy. I was then absolutely stunned when Andrea said “ And while you’re there Cuck you can lick my Bull’s Ass and Balls”. I was then dragged up to my Wife’s ass by Tina who was pulling on the lead round my neck. As my head was lowered Tina whispered in my ear “ And when Andrea’s finished, you can come and lick my pussy while Alan fucks my brains out”. I then glanced over at Alan who was laying back in some cushions as he gently wanking his dripping 11 inch cock. He just leered at me, as if to say “Get used to it”. I then turned to Andrea and my head was now about 3 inches away from her pussy which was being pounded by Nick’s huge cock. I then heard Andrea say “ Put a finger up my ass”. I duly did this as I started licking round her ass hole, she then said “ put another two up me I want to feel you”. Again I did as I was told. At this stage I could feel Nick’s cock driving in and out of Andrea’s pussy as I finger fucked her ass. Tina then leant over to me and said “Lick his balls, they need cleaning”. I did as I was told but no sooner had I started, Nick pulled his massive cock out and as he did Tina grabbed it and gave it a couple of pulls. Nick then started to shoot his seed, rope after rope of the stuff squirted all over Andrea’s ass and pussy as everyone watching cheered.

Both of Andrea’s hands then appeared and started to massage all the cum into her pussy and ass, she also grabbed hold of Nick’s cock and although it was slowly softening she fed it back into her pussy and said “ Do what you can then the Cuck can clean us up”. Nick then pumped his cum back into Andrea’s pussy for a minute or so and when he had finished he just lay back next to Andrea who had got off the stool by this time and was lying in the cushions. Andrea then grabbed hold of the lead around my neck and pulled my face close to hers and whispered “Now clean my Bull up Cuck and when you’ve done that you can clean me”. I looked down at Nick’s cock, it was soft but still a good 8 inches long and quite swollen, it was also covered in cum and pussy juice. Nick just sneered at me and said “ You heard what my slut said now clean me up”. I did what I was told and licked Nick’s cock and balls clean and then I moved over to Andrea who’s pussy and inner thighs were covered in cum and cleaned her up. At this point I was totally humiliated and as I looked away I could see Alan fucking Tina with his 11 inch monster cock. I knew what I was going to have to do next and the strange thing was I had a raging hard on. I was confused but convinced I was now a fully fledged Cuckold.

I’m not sure how this is all going to develop, post me if you have any comments or want to know what happens next.