25 Nov 2016

I woke the morning after with a huge hangover so didn't want to do to much. We sunbathed for most of the day, during which I couldn't stop thinking about Juan and how much I enjoyed our time together. We had dinner and as with the previous night went to the pub next door to the hotel for their happy hour. I actually went to the bar for our drinks, which my husband thought was very dutiful of me, but little did he know that I was getting him large vodka and cokes and only diet cokes for me. I also made out that I needed to drink more than usual and pretended to be getting tipsy. Then is was off to the bar I'd met Juan the night before. This time they had a waitress service on and I went back onto my vodka and diet cokes. Sadly Juan wasn't there. My husband and I had a number of dances on what was becoming a crowded dance floor. We sat it out for a while until a guy came over to the table and asked me up to dance. Hubby said it was fine and off I went. The first few dances were to pop music and then came a slow one. This time I wasn't drunk so took more attention of what was happening. I had my arms round the guys neck, Dominic was his name and as we danced I could feel his manhood between us. After the dance we went back to our table and hubby was sound asleep again. Dom beckoned over the waitress and ordered drinks for him and I. We danced again and drank a lot of alcohol and I was getting quite tipsy.

A slow number came on and we were once again locked together moving to the music. His hands had moved down my back and were now on my bottom, where he proceeded to massage my cheeks, pulling me closer to him. I had dressed to kill, as I thought I would be seeing Juan again. I had a thin, over the knee wrap dress on and no underwear. Dom noticed a lack of knickers and thought I was really hot, going out without them. We started to kiss and I could feel him growing slowly but surely between us. The dance floor was full and we were in the middle where no one could see what I was about to do. I took my right hand from Doms neck and pushed it down between us, unzipped his trousers and pulled his now erect penis out. It felt good and I was determined to have it. The music stopped and people stared to moving off the dance floor. I quickly pushed his penis back into his trousers, forgetting to push it also into his boxers, so it was still erect and sticking out. He walked closely behind me in an attempt to cover up his embarrassment.

I noticed hubby was still sleeping and suggested we should go to the bar. We sat on the hig bar stools, which I had a job getting onto and in the process my dress opened showing my naked pussy to anyone who was looking. Fortunately the bar was now crowded and no one did. We must have been drinking for over an hour, with Dom giving an occasional glance over at hubby, and I was getting blitzed and enjoying the attention. I felt hands go round my waist from behind and a peck on my neck. It was Juan. Juan said hi to Dom, who he obviously knew, and they chatted away in Spanish fir a few minutes. Dom then asked if I wanted to do a repeat of what Juan and I had done the night before. I said something stupid like why not.

I stepped down from the stool, once again the dress opened up letting both Dom and Juan see everything I had to offer. Dom took my and and whispered in my ear that the waitress would look after my husband and that he and Juan would take me to his place. Their house was a few minutes walk up the road and when we arrived Dom asked if I'd like a drink before we started. I thought that would be a good idea. Not really, because he poured a huge vodka and very little coke. We sat together on the sofa, Dom on one side and Juan on the other. Dom put his arm round me and we kissed. As we did this I could feel the tie on my dress being pulled and the dress being opened. Within seconds my legs were opening allowing a hand to mover between them and fingers pushing inside me. I was soaking so they moved in quick easily. We broke from kissing and I noticed Juan had taken off his clothes and was now ready to shag me once again.. I turned to him and took hold of his huge cock and pulled back his foreskin. I'm not one for blow jobs but did take him in my mouth for a short time. I now felt Dom lifting my bottom in the air and opening my legs wide. He moved between my legs and he too was now naked. Between them they removed my dress completely and in seconds Dom was inside me. I felt myself coming and he knew it and pushed harder and faster until I climaxed. Dom kept going like a steam train and after I had 2 more orgasms he came inside me. He quickly withdrew and I was now helped onto Juan coke which was waiting for me. I rode him for ages coming several times until he also loaded my pussy with his fluids. Thinking that I could now rest was the last thing on Doms mind, because he was up and ready again. He pushed me onto my back and slipped into me again. I was coming virtually non stop and was shaking when he again came in me. Not to be out done Juan had taken Doms place. I was now dumb, but was still shaking from the continual attention my two stallions were giving me. Eventually, thank goodness we all collapsed and fell asleep.