26 Nov 2016

I woke about 6.00am and initially wondered where I was. It was dark and I put my hands out and felt a naked body and thought it was my husband. My hand trances his body down and touched his manhood and he moved, turning over to face me. His hand was now on my breast and I took hold of his penis which grew in my hand as I moved my hand up and down. His hand moved between my legs which opened at his touch and fingers entered by pussy. I was feeling quite randy and he was now moving on top of me at which point I realised it wasn't hubby. Dom slowly but surely lowered himself into me and proceeded to move up and down. It didn't take long before I had my first orgasm. Doms pace increased and I felt myself coming again, but so did Dom as he started to tease me, bringing me to the edge and then stopping. We finally came together and it was great.

We lay together and I then realised we'd left hubby in the bar and I panicked. Dom said everything was OK because his friend the waitress and barman had carried hubby up to the flat above the bar, where the waitress stays and when he wakes up she will screw him. When she was finished she would text Dom. We got up and had a coffee and toast. We chatted for a while and discussed what I should do. At about 9.30 I left Dom, but only after agreeing to meet up later at the bar. I went back to the hotel, messed up the bed a bit, just in case hubby returned before the maid came in to do the room. I had a shower and shave, put on my bikini and went down to the pool. I found a lounger and lay on my front and took my top off. It was at 11.30 I got a text from Dom that read 'hubby on his way, well and truly fucked. Have fun with him.'

I decided to do just that and turned over, deciding not to put my top back on and to cover my 34c boobs with lotion. This attracted some attention from a couple of guys laying opposite, who came over to chat. I was flirting with them when hubby arrived at 12.30. I introduced my hubby to the boys asked where he'd been all night. He said that he'd tell me later in private. Wanting to create as much embarrassment as possible I asked if he had a good time screwing the waitress and without giving him chance to answer said that I was considering letting the 2 guys have a bit of fun with me. He didn't know which way to look. Right. Go upstairs and strip off, I'll be up shortly. He did as he was told. The boys asked if I'd like a drink saying I looked as if I needed one. We went over to the pool bar and I sat on the bar stools with one on either side of me, each ogling my bare boobs. I had about 4 vodka and cokes with the boys before I suggested going up to their room. I was in bed bikini bottom off with a lovely young cock inside me and another I was hand rearing ready to go in.

At 4.00 I phoned our room and told hubby to put his shorts on and meet me down at the pool bar. He sounded worried to say the least. By the time he arrived I was sat at the bar with my young lovers on either side of me. I told him that I had been to bed with my two young studs and this was his punishment. I told him to go and get my towel and bikin top and bring it over. He obediently did as I said. I put the top on told him to carry the towel, gave my lovers long lingering kisses and said that I would see them later. Once in the lift I told hubby that despite me having been faithful to him since we got married, he had decided to go off with a barmaid and I would now have sex with whoever I wanted. I was definitely now in command of our marriage and more importantly our sex life. It was a great feeling. Did I feel guilty. No chance and I thoroughly enjoyed the remainder of my holiday