27 Nov 2016

We all got up for breakfast at around 9.00. I arranged to meet the boys in the dining room after I'd showered and picked up my bikini etc. We had breakfast and went to the pool to sunbathe. I put out the towel, took off my top and lay down. Mark offered to put the sun lotion on for me. He covered my back and legs and then asked me to turn over so he could do the front. He obviously enjoyed rubbing it onto my boobs as I noticed he had a hard on and my nipples had become hard. No way was I going to do anything as I was still recovering from the night before. Hubby and Anna arrived at 1.00 just as we were going to the pool bar for our first drink of the day. I suggest Anna should go to the toilet with me to change. She told me that hubby had been very good and had enjoyed her time with him. Anna changed into her bikini leaving off the top, as I had done. We joined the boys at the bar. Our first drink was about 1.30 and we continued until 4.00, so we'd all had a fair amount and once again inhibitions has gone. Anna whispered that she was working at 7.00 so if we were going to do anything it would have to be soon. I told hubby to stay put and said that Anna and I were going up to our room to get fucked. A shrug is all I got.

In the room we stripped the boys and ordered them to wait outside on the balcony. Anna and I then removed our bottoms and got onto the bed. I took my favourite vibe out of the draw and told Anna to lay back and relax. I went to work with my vibe which hit the right spot with Anna who pulled me on top of her and started to kiss me. For the next ten minutes we took it in turns using the vibe. we then went out onto the balcony to get the boys. As the balconies were facing the sea and the pool was on the other side of the hotel, no one could seein. We leaned over the rail and spread our legs, telling the boys to get cracking. I must admit by the time they'd finished my legs were like jelly. I sent the boys back down to the pool bar and told them to say what a great fuck they'd had and what they'd done.

Anna and I tidied up the room, had a quick shower and put on some clothes. Anna had her work clothes on and I decided to put on the new leggings and see through top. We'd told the boys to meet us outside the dining room at 6.00. They and my hubby were there bang on time. I asked hubby if the boys had told him what they'd been up to and he nodded. As Anna had be be at work for 7.00 I told my hubby to take her back to her flat and we'd all meet in the bar at 7.00. We had dinner and I had almost a bottle of wine to myself and then walked up to the bar where we found hubby on a stool and Anna behind the bar. She beckoned me over to the end of the bar and told me that her and my hubby had a quickie before she started work. I walked back to the guys and immediately asked hubby why he fucked Anna while I was having dinner. Again he just shrugged. Now that was like a red rag to a bull. Right I said we're all going up to Anna's flat and you my darling husband are going to get well and truly fucked. I asked Anna if she had more than 2 scarves, as I wanted to blindfold and tie my hubby to the bed. She did have. Up we went and I first blindfolded him and then spreadeagled him to the bed, tying him tight. I then took out my camera and showed Mark the picture of hubby fucking him. Whispering, I asked if he wanted me to put it onto the Internet. He was horrified and whispered that he didn't. I went over to hubby and asked if he wanted to screw me up the arse to which he said yes please. I positioned Mark on top of hubby facing his feet, took hold of my old mans cock from the front of Mark and pushed it up Mark arse and after the initial pain has subsided Mark started to bounce up and down on hubby's cock. I videod the whole thing until hubby eventually shot his load. Mark got off carefully and went into the bathroom. I untied hubby, asked he'd enjoyed it, told him to get undressed and wait for me downstairs. The boys then serviced my needs for the next hour and we all went back to the hotel. Hubby and I said goodbye to the boys and went to bed, where I allowed hubby to fuck me. To this day he still thinks it was my arse he was fucking.

It fair to say that the holiday changed my life forever.