Written by CJ456

30 Jul 2009

My partner and I recently went away for a week, partly work-partly holiday as he had 3 days of training to do while there. We stayed at a nice hotel which has a day spa. I of course made a beeline for this.

While my partner was at his training I went for a massage and then decided to relax by the pool. When I got into the spa there was a older man already in it, it was quiet and we were alone. He would have been in his late 60's early 70's, fairly healthy looking, just with a bit of a tummy and slightly balding. I might start off by saying that I'm a 26 year old women (long brown hair, slim build with C cup breasts). He smiled at me in greeting and we then started chatting, he was in town for a relatives wedding. I noticed him watching my breasts every time I moved in the spa which was a bit strange at first. I will say that I've always been curious about being with an older man.

He surprised me by asking if I'd like to accompany him into the sauna. More surprised in myself I agreed. I followed him into the small room and we sat down. He tentatively reached out and touched my breast asking if it was okay. I said yes and so he pushed aside my bikini top and started sucking on my nipple! I couldn't believe it. He then kneeled in front of me and put a hand down my panties, I was very wet, and it wasn't from the spa. He poked a finger into my pussy and started moaning. He commented that he loved how it was smooth.

He pulled down my panties and spread my legs and started sucking on my pussy lips. I was beside myself and very turned on. I'm a bit ashamed now but I started to push my pussy into his face. He asked me to lay down on the bench while he pulled his pants down and went to mount me. His cock was quite large I thought, thick anyway and hard. He didn't mess around just opened up my legs and thrust into me quickly and then pumped me hard. I was so wet. He came into me with a grunt and I could feel his come was quite warm in me. I was shocked as I hadn't even been thinking about this.

Anyway he asked to see me again and I agreed. We met in the pool area the next day but it was busier so I went with him to his room. I didn't have long so I just bent over this small table. He pushed my skirt up and pulled my panties down and again just thrust right into me, he was pumping me and groaning and put a finger into my ass, this was too much and I came quickly, he then got me to lie on the bed on my stomach, he lay on top of me and started pumping my pussy, he came soon after that....

This was an experience I was happy to have.