Written by mary

10 Oct 2008

Hi Mary here again,, as if you have read my experience entitled (holiday not to remember but I will never forget) I am 35 years old and married. I went with my best friend Jan and we ended up getting taken by a van load of young men. This was a very unusual situation but also very lustful.

My hubby had been a bit concerned for my safety and in hindsight he was right considering the events that unfolded. But I had not told him what had happened mainly because of the guilt,, but also what would happen if I did tell him. As the weeks past I felt more troubled by what had taken place with these young men. My body had been invaded in every orifice and filled with spunk from men I had never met. It was a dangerous situation I could have contracted any thing or even ended up pregnant.

I never did understand why I did not protest or put any resistance but I suppose the drink and the lust took over. But this still preyed on my mind so one night I decided to tell my husband what I had done. As I was relating to him that I had been unfaithful to him he sat with his mouth wide open. He never once raised his voice,, as I had expected him to do,, I asked him if he was ok. Just tell me this is some sort of fantasy and not the truth,, I was now crying genuine tears of remorse.

But instead of going in to a rage he put his arms around me and kissed me softly on the lips.. Don’t cry darling its happened and you have told me,, you don’t hate me then ? Don’t be silly how could I hate you I love you so much. We started to cuddle each other and I could feel his erection pressing against my tummy. My god”” I thought this is tuning him on”” you actually are enjoying this aren’t you. Well eeeerrr yes I am he replied I have wanted to share you with other men for years. But I thought you loved me/// I do love you,, please do not get that confused with sex.

But I told him sex is love// no its not// sex is just sex compiled with lust,, and it is separate from love. He then asked me to repeat in every fine detail what had happened that day,,, and how I felt while it was taking place. We went to bed and got naked?? My god in all the years of our marriage I have never seen him so hard. At the finish he grabbed me and roughly threw me over on to my tummy and draped my legs over the end of the bed.

Right you cock slut,,, I am now going to take your arse hole just like they did// and he got the Vaseline from the bedside draw and lubed up my bottom. He then inserted a finger up my bottom closely followed by two then three. Then suddenly with force he slammed his cock in my bottom for the first time. I could not complain after what I had done on holiday could I?. Faster and faster he rammed my bottom/// is this what it felt like ? Is it hey ? Having your arse fucked by them bastards. Next minuet I felt his cock stiffen and jerk filling my bottom with his seed. He pushed and grinded his cock all the up my bottom until he was fully spent.

I had never seen my husband treat me like this in all of our married life,,, but how could I complain after the way I have behaved. I thought we had finished,, but he was getting hard again,, my god this was having some effect on him. He put more Vaseline on his hand and started to finger my bottom again and to be honest I was loving every moment. Until that holiday I had never experienced anal sex but I was now loving it. Again I felt one finger slide up my bottom then two,, then thee,, and four. My bottom was being stretched wide open then I felt a shooting pain. I could hardly contain a scream as he pushed his hole hand inside me. He was all the way up my bottom past his wrist as he shouted take this you dirty little tramp. I then felt my body shudder from head to toe as the biggest orgasm of my life ripped through me.

Later on we talked/// and I was relieved that he had accepted me being unfaithful,, but this had now opened an all new scenario. As we talked he wanted me to be unfaithful again,, he wanted me to come home full of another mans seed. He wanted me to be taken by strangers then come home and tell him all about it. It was difficult for me to agree with at him at first// but in the finish I gave and took him at his word. So while out with Jan on the Saturday nights I would dress in short skirts and very high heels to look like a tart. I never had any trouble getting picked by men,, and sometimes I had two at the same time.

That was until I met Ray who is a tall well built man of 28 and he is so manly and forceful and has the advantage of having a very thick cock. I have been fucking him for two months and I love the feeling of having my pussy really stretched wide open,, and yess,,, I also take it up my bottom. My husband his happy with the situation which I could never have foreseen some months ago before my holiday. My husband still makes love to me and the last time we made love he really blew my mind. We were in bed and he was kissing me and stroking my hair and telling me how much he loved me being Ray’s slut. He stroked my breast’s and pinched my nipples and told me how I should always fuck Ray.

My pussy was wet through as he caressed my inner thighs but stopping short of my pussy. I was getting wetter and wetter as he said to me I want you to be with ray for ever,,, I want you to feel him filling you up. I could feel my pussy starting to orgasm while he shouted take my wife Ray.. take ,, her and fuck her,,, make her yours,,, take my wife off me,,, only let me fuck when you say so. I screamed out as one almighty orgasm shook my body/// and he had actually made me cum while just talking to me. He not even entered me,, or touched my pussy and I was in ecstasy,, as my love juice ran down my inner thighs.

I could smell myself as my husband dived between my open thighs and began to eat my pussy lapping up all my love juice. We now have a perfect marriage as I get to be fucked when ever I feel like it. I asked him did he mean what he had said,, yes he replied I love your well fucked pussy. Ray will sometimes fill me three times in one night so I will put a tampon up my pussy to save as much seed as I can for him. My husband loves eat my pussy and fuck me after ray as filled up with his seed what more can a girl ask for ?..