Written by Bee

11 Aug 2012

What a week i have had following me fucking in the sunbed room of my local leisure centre. I have not been able to stop thinking about what i did and the need for me to do it again seems to grow by the day. My husband has had more sex this week than he has had in the last six months but it doesn't matter how much i fuck my husband the need for that young cock just get's greater. I woke up this morning early straight away thinking of what i did i pulled back the cover's pulled down my husbands pyjamas and started sucking his small dick. I had never thought this way before being fucked by someone else. While sucking my husbands cock I was think this has given me two children but doesn't give me what i need right now satisfaction. My husband started to wake up and he said is it my birthday I got on top and started to ride within a couple of minutes he said he was going to come and did. I went straight for a shower again frustrated while washing myself down I thought I need to be fucked again by that young lad and it has to be today. I got dressed in a new summer dress I had bought for our Holiday but something I have never done before was not put on any knickers or bra. I went downstairs my husband was having breakfast with the kids so I said I needed to go into town today he said you carry on I'll take the kids out somewhere later. I jumped in the car and drove into town parked the car and started walking around checking out any young lad that gave me a second look the feeling of walking around with no knickers on was exciting. I went into a cafe for a coffee and phoned the leisure centre to book a sunbed for two o'clock would he be there, would I get the same treatment in the sunbed room all this rushing through my mind. The next few hours were spent walking around window shopping with the intensity of sexual tension rising and rising in my body. Back to the car and over to the leisure centre I was so wet before even getting out of the car I couldn't help but touch myself. In I went heart in my mouth yes he was on reception he gave me a real knowing smile I paid and nodded my head upwards he shook his head and pointed to a man in a suit. Up stairs I went alone must of been his manager I thought. In to the sunbed room locked the door and sat down on the chair that I had been fucking on last time I was here, off came the dress. I started to rub myself in went my fingers faster and faster until I was gushing the first time in my life I had a multible orgasm one after the other. Once I came back down to earth I had my sunbed got dressed and went downstairs no sign of the lad on reception. Walking out to the car a felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and there he was the first thing he said was I know what you want. We walked over to my car which is the family people carrier nothing more was said and both got in the front. He looked across and just pulled his shorts down what popped into my head was I don't even know this lads name. I took hold of his cock it seemed bigger and harder than I remembered this is what I want I said. Leaning across I started to suck it slowly at first, he reached over and pulled the back of my dress up and started to finger me as he did I sucked faster with out a thought that this is in a leisure centre car park in the middle of the afternoon. He said do you take it in the arse I said I'd never tried, it's something myself or my husband never considered. He used my pussy juice to lube my arse hole and before I knew it he was fingering me in my bum at first I wasn't sure of the feeling but as I relaxed it started to feel good. I climbed into the back of the car at least the rear windows were tinted. Off came my dress I sat there with my legs apart. He climbed into the back slipping his cock straight into me this is the fucking I have been longing for all week. His pace quickened and it felt so deep inside me he just pumped and pumped the staying power of this young lad was unbelievable. He said right turn around I'm going to do your virgin arse which I did. Bum in the air he slowly pushed his big cock into my little tight arse very gentle at first but once it was in all the way it felt so good his balls slaming into me as he just fucked me in my arse. This went on for about fifteen minutes and he said he was going to come I said be the first to come in my arse which he did. As he pulled it out he said suck it clean you fucking slut which I did, what hold has this lad got over me it seems that I just do anything he tells me to do. It seems like a sexual awakening of a slut inside me that didn't excist a week ago. We got dressed and had a long kiss goodbye, he got out and walked away. I drove straight home pulled up in the drive and just sat in the car thinking of what I had just done, well and truly fucked. Going on holiday tomorrow for two weeks and I have a suspicion there is going to be more young cock inside me a holiday to remember I think.