Written by holsex

6 Jan 2011

Sorry for the delay...

After our initial sexual activity, the remaining 2 days were filled with even more sexual experiences.

The girls would sunbathe topless wearing the skirmish thongs possible. We would enjoy watching them massaging sun lotion onto each other and they would end up licking each other's nipples and tonguing each other at every opportunity especially after a few cocktails by the pool. We the boys would watch and slowly wank away.

On one particular evening, I experienced the wonderful feeling of cock inside me. The drinks wee flowing on the patio and we were totally pissed. I ended up snogging my gf's mate, while she was wanking away her bf. We ended up in the bedroom on the king size bed totally naked with each other's partner. I began licking her wet and shaven pussy while my gf was giving head to him. His GF was moaning with pleasure as i put my index finger in her and continued to tongue fuck her until she came with a scream. I suddenly felt a warm male hand on my back stroking me . It moved down towards my arse. I heard my GF encouraging him. The hand moved towards my balls and 1 finger in my arse hole. So some reason it felt so horny. He began to finger me in my hole while i raised my arse for easier entry. My gf moved over to his gf and began snogging her. I turned around and just smiled at him. He was rubbing his hard cock on my back. The girls shouted 'fuck him'. He took some lubricant and started to finger me more , his cock was rock hard, he put on a condom and gently guided his cock inside me. It hurt a bit and then he pushed hard inside me. After the feeling of hurt, it felt so nice. He held my hips, raised me a little higher and started fucking me. The felling of his cock and seeing the girls fingering each other while watching me was awesome. His speed increased, his fucking was deep and long. He shouted 'i'm coming' and within a minute he screamed with pleasure. He continued until asked him to stop. Hi GF took his condom off and sucked him dry. I was so horny, so went over to my GF and fucked her doggy style till I came deep inside her. We showered and hit the town, with my arse still saw!

On the final day i fucked him... details to follow if u want!