Written by Tsf1979

16 Aug 2008

This a story that happened to me and my wife while we where on holiday in spain.

Me and Karen had just been down to the beach and where now very hot and so we decided to have a shower and lay on the bed will on thing led to another and where soon kissing and hugging. When she pulled out a blindfold from the bedside cupboard. She sat up and sat at the end of the bed and tied the blindfold round her. I started to kiss her neck slowly and run my hand up and down her arms. I then moved my hands on to her breasts and slowly rub her nipple between my fingers. I pulled her head back and started to kiss her lips and moved my hand down her body and on to her clit. But then a shadow fell over the room and i looked to wards the window and there is the guy from the room next door looking across through the blinds. I stopped kissing my wife and watched the guy as i playied with her clit. and her breasts. He then court me looking at him and then smiled and motioned he wanted to come in. I looked my wife in the face and smiled and gave a small wave to him and he was in like a flash. He walked stright over to my wife and pulled his shorts down and put his hand on his cock and rubbed it up and down my wifes belly. I moved away from the bed and just watched as he pushed down flat on the bed.

He then pushed her legs open and dived his head in to her clit and started to lick her and his hands reached up to her breasts and played with them at the same time. She started to moan her head arched back and body rised off the bed. He turned her over on to her front and pulled her down. His cock went stright in to her arse she moaned as it enter her and he started to rock her back and forwards. He then pulled her on to her knees on the floor and he pushed his cock in to her mouth making her suck. He grabbed her head and pushed it up and down with the motion of her.

He then lifted her up and put her back on the bed he then sat on topof her and used her breasts to give him a wank and all of a sudden his head went back and a sound came out and then he cum all in to her face her head jilted as it hit her face. He then moved her on to the floor and put her on all fours and pushed his cock back in to her arse and then he cum again this time in to her arse. as he remove his cock she fell forward on to her front. He just turned to me and picked up his shorts and went back out through the blinds. I then looked over at my wife she had rolled over on to her back heavy breathing and she lifted up the blind fold to see me climbing on top of her pushing my rock hard cock in to her and started to fuck her and i soon cum inside her.

That night we went for dinner in the hotel and the guy from the next room was there and he just starred at her and she turned to me and said that guy he is in the room next to us. He keeps looking at me. I made a joke about him thinking she was sexy and she turned to me and said well i wouldn\'t want him any where near me.

I just smile if only she knew.