Written by Barry T

4 Aug 2015

My wife Helen and I are very sexually active. I'm 45 and Helen is 41. I know I'm bias but my wife is very attractive. In fact she still models part time for an on line clothes and lingerie shop.

She has a fantastic hour glass figure, short auburn hair and nice pear shaped breasts and tiny button nipples.

Although we don't fully swing we love playing games when we are on holiday which we do about 3 times a year. For example, I will dare her to try and get a guy who is maybe very conservative or boring looking or good looking with a stunning partner, in short unlikely to want to stray to toss himself off over her tits or let her give him a hand job. I even set her a task of getting a woman with a family to give her a passionate kiss and a suck of the tits. She managed the kiss but bottled out of the tit sucking.

Helen will pick some one in the same manor and set me the task of getting her to give me a blow job or let me sick her tits. I know it may sound strange or childish but its a bit of fun whilst at the same time fills our sexual apatite and whoever we are successful with is a consenting adult.

I have never allowed her to let a guy fuck her and she has never agreed to let me penetrate a woman even though we have both had ample opportunity which makes this all the better.

Last May we went on holiday to Portugal, as usual we made friends with a couple in the same resort. They had three kids. He was very skinny and not at all good looking so before I said anything Helen told me there was no way she was going to do anything with him. His wife was a little over weight which is fine, had huge breasts and wore out dated clothes, in fact always wore a cardigan to breakfast.

She was quite plain looking and the two of them told us that the most exciting thing they liked to do on holiday was visit old buildings in different countries.

Helen and I looked at each other and decided to set ourselves a dare. I was to try and convince our new friend to to let me fuck her tits and I set Helen the task of just getting her into bed for a fumble.

The flirting started but without much success until the last day. They were to leave the day before us so we thought what the hell.

Her husband had taken the kids to bed so we made our move. I told her not to be offended by my remarks but that I adored her breasts. I though one of two things would happen, she would either slap me and run to her husband or just laugh. In fact she said thank you and smiled. She nervously looked at Helen who smiled back and told her that she loved them as well and would love to play with them. She looked shocked and I think she thought we where teasing her becouse she got up and left.

A couple of hours later we were in our room thinking we had gone too far when there was a knock on the door, It was our 'friend'. She came in very nervously and asked why we had said what we did. I told her that it was becouse it was true. She was wearing a off the shoulder white top and a skirt, she had clearly made an effort to look good. It was clear that despite her large breasts she wasn't wearing a bra.

I walked her into the room, I had that, should I or should I not look from Helen, I just shrugged my shoulders.

Helen stood in front of her, put her hands on her shoulders and slowly pulled her top down giving her plenty of time to object. Slowly her top reached her nipples and sprang over them revealing them to be large and dark red. Then the top was on the floor.

She covered her breasts with her hands looking quite shy. Helen moved them then sat her on the bed before she took her top off, took hold of our friends hand and placed it on her chest. After a few minutes of mutual touching Helen pushed her onto her back and covered her nipples with her mouth gently sucking. The site gave me a major hard on as you would expect and our friend was making ooing noises and squeezing her other breasts.

I pulled her skirt and knickers off before undressing myself and letting my seriously hard cock spring free.

I started to taste her pussy giving Helen the chance to undress. Within minutes Helen had replaced me and I was getting my tittie fuck, my cock vanishing between her ample mounds before I manoeuvred it into her mouth, her tongue flicking my bell end before she started to suck, then I slid in so deep she gagged.

I fucked her face but had to pull out or I would have cum in her mouth so I watched them have each other. For the first time I watched my wife have a full on lesbian fuck, in fact they where so aggressive with each other I thought they where going to fight.

There was a lot of hair pulling and grabbing of breasts. I watched fists disappeare into pussies and then lots of grinding whilst grabbing and biting each other tits. I nearly shot my load and had to look out of the window to take my mind off it all. That was until I was called back.

Our friend was looking at Helen saying please let him please, please. Helen shouted at me to fuck her.

I didn't have to be asked twice, in seconds I was inside her soaking pussy fucking her for for all I was worth. The one breasts Helen wasn't still sucking swaying with each thrust.

I had her legs over my shoulders and to stop her loud groaning, my tongue deep in her mouth. Helen and I get wild in bed sometimes but this was different. I had our friend doggy style before I thought I was chance my luck slipped into her backside before returning to her pussy. I pulled out to avoid cumin inside her but she pulled me back ordering me to cum inside her. Helen gasped for me to 'just fucking do it' so I filled her pussy with my cum.

She shook and groaned before falling onto her back and letting Helen finish her off, the two of them cuming before the three of us lay there exhausted.

After a while she got up and said she had to go. She got dressed, thanking us so much before leaving. Helen and I looked at each other, Helen saying ' fuck, what the hell just happened'.

We made love for a long time, Helen letting me cum in her mouth which she knows is my treat. The next morning we had breakfast with them as though nothing had happened and then they left. We have no idea where they live and will never see them again but now we are in the mood for full on swinging.