Written by ollie

3 Aug 2007

Hazel and myself are two straight as a die people on the sexual front. But Hazel tends to loose interest in sex after a period of time, and our holidays are a good time to meet strangers for her, and to get sexed up. This has a huge benefit for me as Hazel sees sex on a more lusty level.

I constantly probe her to look at any male aquantance as a potential sexual partner. After a period of time, this kind of brain washing tends to make haze look on any male who comes into our social circle, as a potential bed mate.

Although a mouse of a wife, Hazel will let go if given enough temptation and a potential sex partner who gets her wet.

The thing I love about her is her movement from quiet little wife, to sexual monster when her buttons are pressed.

She seems to go from reluctant dutiful wife to a mad sexual whore in the flick of a switch and the best part is you never know when it will happen.

She will always whisper an apology in my ear when she has finished riding her latest weakness in the sexual stakes, this as she drips the combination of a liason out of her swollen pussey on my groin, and lowers her sodden womenhood on my rock hard cock.

Hazel always knows when to be the dutiful wife again and always reserves her lust for myself and strangers. Perfect wife in all ways.