Written by perfect passion

14 Mar 2019

The holiday season always perks me up as we scan ideas for destinations abroad. Our favourites are Italy and islands in the Med. last year we decided on Sardinia and got some tourism booklets and facts about the island. At first glance you see it as a small island traversed in a day. In reality it would take a month to get round it in reasonable detail. We decided on a small place in the north looking towards Corsica. Our villa had its own private beach hidden from the road. It took some finding but we were very pleased with its location a couple of miles from the nearest village. Liz, my wife is happy to play either solo or with me but has a passion for discovering new friends, a hobby if you like?

Now the effect of the sun also adds something new to my wife's extraordinarily strong libido. It is like a switch is turned on, you can visibly see her come to a magnified existence where she is super confident and gregarious. I love this metamorphosis which empowers her almost as the plane doors open and the warmth of the land rushes into the cabin.

The first couple of days allow for exploration and visits to restaurants, thankfully not as many pizzarias as usual. Three nice Sardinian eateries with different menus. What was definitely on the menu was the pool boy. A twenty something hunk who appeared as luck would have it , when I was shopping for an evening in and she was gathering a deeper tan at the edge of the pool. She watched him through her sunglasses and offered him a drink which he accepted. His English was good enough that he understood her body language which was yelling 'Fuck me'. He took the bait and she sent a message to me telling me to have a coffee break as she was going to be busy for an hour or so. I was aware what she meant and replied with a thumbs up imoji.

I returned almost two hours later and passed a van coming away from our villa. As it was the only place down that track I assumed it was her latest victim. As I got back I saw she was lying on the lounger naked. I put the bags away in the kitchen and went out with a drink for us. Immediately I saw her cunt was puffed up and red friction marks surrounded a used pair of lips, smeared with some kind of lubrication. She removed her sunglasses and grinned at me saying she had a nice time with him and he was going to come out next day to make sure the filtration system was working properly as it had been playing up for a couple of weeks. I asked if that meant her system was going to be overhauled too and she said she thought she would see if he was interested.

Two days later we were on a sightseeing trip with a guide from a tourism firm and went into the mountains. Liz had chosen a skirt and bikini top with a pair of sandals. We were chatting and took turns at sitting in the passenger seat. It was a gorgeous warm day and we were in a narrow pass and I was in the back, we were the only car around. Liz was talking to the guide and they were laughing then she turned to me and said that we were going to stop shortly and maybe I would give them some time. I agreed and said I wanted to look at the 'birdlife' for an hour. She knew I would find a way of watching them. Twenty minutes later we pulled in at a dusty parking spot overlooking a beautiful valley. The sun was quite hot. I gestured that I was going to search out some vantage while our guide was telling Liz about the history of the region and showing her some ancient buildings. I left and found a track running uphill away from them. When I had gone what I hoped was far enough, I turned round and saw them walking in the opposite direction. The guide was older than Liz, and around fifty in my estimation. I noticed his hand was on her bum as I saw them disappear downhill. I turned and followed them as discreetly as I could. I kept losing sight of them but was aware they might stop at any time, especially as I knew what was likely to happen. I had followed for about ten minutes when I saw they were in a clinch, kissing and his hand way up her short skirt. I got behind a craggy rock and knelt , concealed by a thorny bush hoping to see him with her bush. Sure enough he took a very quick look around and I ducked out of sight, then settled to do what he wanted to do while I was absent.

They were quick to get into the action. A bit of kissing and a fumble around and her skirt was off, no panties for him to grapple with and his fingers were inside her forthwith. I was aware he must have already discovered her naked pussy as they drove so he was in tune with her intentions probably soon after she sat in the passenger seat as his hand appeared to be in the region of the gearstick, which was only a few inches from her naked puss. I watched as she fished his cock out and brought him to a hardness I could almost feel the tension between them. He was like an octopus, hands everywhere, the bikini top did not stand a chance and she was naked and wanking the cock of this slightly greying haired Italian who was desperate fuck this English cougar as soon as he could. She got his trousers off and sucked his cock eagerly, kneeling as if in homage to his prick. He took some photos on his phone of her posing naked for him and then they fucked. I was wanking from my hidey hole and shot my load as they kept going with him taking her from behind as she leaned forwards over a rock allowing him deep penetration.

When I saw his arse clenching I knew he was delivering a deposit of spunk deep inside her amid her sighs and grunts of joy. Heavy breathing in the hot air as they gasped and slowly his cock slipped from her satisfied cunt. They stood in a sort of stunned silence and then slowly gathered their wits and dressed. He spoke as they prepared to come back in my direction so I beat a rapid retreat. They were getting on for half an hour later in reaching the car and my heart skipped a beat when I realised her skirt was in her hand and she had walked back with her dripping cunt on display. She came up to me and said would I mind if she remained in the front seat because Carlo was a bit smitten with her body. She had told him I was very understanding and that I would not be angry. The proof was in my reaction when I shook his hand and said he was a lucky man.

We had a glorious three weeks in Sardinia and my lovely wife enjoyed it to the full. Carlo was a regular visitor as was our pool man who kept it spotless for no cost. The owners of the villa wrote to us saying how much they appreciated the way the place had been looked after and that they had received glowing reports of our friendliness. Yeah I bet they did.

We are planning a return next year and may well look up some old friends.