Written by Richard

12 Dec 2012

This follows on from my account posted 9/12 when my girlfriend went to a dance function alone and my excitement/trepidation as to whether she would get carried away enough to get seduced by another guy. I sure was horny all night at the possibility.

Well I saw her on monday as planned and thought the best way of establishing fact from plain denials was to ease gently into the subject throughout the evening. In this way posing the big question while I had a finger or 2 up her I would be more sure and confident that I could get her to tell me what if anything went on!

All went to plan with us both very horny and I could`nt fail to notice that when I started playing with her pussy it was so much wetter than normal (dripping springs to mind!) and highly sensitive to everything I was doing to her. Working her clit had her writhing and my fingers just slid into her so sexilly I was busting to fuck her like mad. My cock was fit to burst and could`nt get any bigger. However I was keen to make sure that she also was on such a high that she would open up fully about any activities if they had taken place. I also went down on her as it would have been a shame to waste the honey production and could`nt resist easing a finger up her gorgeous arse all of which had her whimpering and shaking a clear sign she "was cuming to the boil". I kept this up for a while then started to whisper in her ear asking whether she enjoyed saturday night and to tell me the details. This only increased the tempo of her excitement so I was beginning to be pretty sure something must have happened. At first her reaction was a flat denial but I continued probing and when I asked whether she had been brave enough to go without her panties as I had texted her she came big over my fingers and mouth. I then told her how horny I had been all night on saturday thinking about her with somebodys hand and cock up her. She asked me why I felt like that and all the expected questions about it did`nt seem right but lots of reassurance from me and a "helping hand" made her relax and begin to let me in on an amazingly erotic evening.

She told me that at first she ignored my request about removing her underwear but as the evening wore on and with aa few more drinks and lots of requests from guys to dance with her she thought why not. I think at this point human nature started to take over as she said she began to get turned on by the attention of 1 guy in particular all of which was making her pussy wet with anticipation. It was obvious that "a need" was fostering and with more coaxing she began to relate all the lovely details.

The evening proceeded with the guy getting more bold and daring and she responded positively until he suggested the went elsewhere for some fresh air! It was more a question of him just leading her outside to his parked car and having his way with her although as she said it was a "hardship" she could put up with anytime.

I will conclude the best and final details on my next post because I now am late for work and must chase.