Written by Richard

9 Dec 2012

This is very tame (so far) but true. I thought that after yesterday evening I should drop a line to explain (predominantly for my girlfriend to read and realise) how turned on I was all evening thinking of her out on her own (dressed to screw). I should say that due to circumstances we live apart at the moment and only meet a few times a week which is in itself very frustrating as we are both highly sexed despite the age differences. I am 63 and A is 50 and we have been together now for 5 years experinecing some wonderfully erotic and experimental times with a soft swing, girl on girl and a visit to Cap d`Age while touring France among our joint experiences.

Yesterday evening there was a 007 dinner dance on that I could not attend but she was keen to go with a female work colleague and had long booked her ticket so when we met briefly in town during the day I began to gently enquire about the planned outfit she was going to wear without me. Although we have not had a MMF threesome I have always thought it might turn us both on and there is nothing much else that we have not done together now. In fact dependent on circumstances I have often fantasised about such a situation and as I was as horny as hell when we met yesterday the thought was high on my agenda. She said she intended wearing a very sexy black number that I know she looks a million dollars in and so I asked whether that was with or without panties (I love taking her out without any underwear on although that has been the rare occasion) but she was quick to insist with of course!

It was with that background that even after we had left to go our separate ways I could not stop thinking about the possibilities so I kept up a regular series of texts telling her to make sure that she "tidied up in the bath" properly before going out and to reconsider the naked pussy dress code.

During the evening I did nothing else but think of what might happen getting hornier all the time until I went to bed. I know that she arrived home safely when the text came through but I do not yet know her story as I will not see her until tomorrow. I can`t wait for her side of the story (if there is one) and if it turns out to be a horny ending I will share the details with you al but until then????