22 Jun 2016

After our last night of sexy fun in Maspalomas it was sadly time to come home but with a new outlook for the future, While I was still as horny as fuck for my little Blonde as the first time I slid my cock into her pussy I knew our lives would change as she now had her freedom as long as she was honest and open with who she wanted to play with she had my blessing.

After we packed our cases and showered we still had time to relax before leaving so we lay naked on the bed stroking each other kissing and fondling as we went before we had to stop otherwise we would have missed our pick up sad eh ! I lay there and watched her rise and stretch, her all over tan topped with her sun bleached hair made my cock even harder making her laugh before she slowly bent down to kiss my cock telling me later mmm, any way she dressed in a white cotton summer dress showing off her tan her tits pushing against her dress nipples clearly erect for all to see and for the first time in weeks she slid into a thong man she looked so horny with me saying to myself she's still looking for some fun not that I would have minded but it did make me think.

We did all the usual travel things at the airport checking in customs and passport control but I did notice the customs guy looking her up and down a bit longer than most before he said have a nice trip Madam haha I could hear his thoughts as she walked slowly away turning to wait for me to come through the customs guy still feasting his eyes on her he waved me through so I smiled and winked at him saying nice eh he just grunted, any way once on the plane our seats near the rear of the plane we settled down for the trip back to Manchester, once airborne I turned to her and asked if she'd had a good time she leaned over to me and gently kissed me saying a long yes's, have you Babe she asked I slid my tongue into her mouth as my hand moved up between her legs making her gasp as my fingers pushed against her pussy her thighs parting allowing my fingers to slide inside her thong and into her moist pussy lips making her groan her mouth opened wider as our kiss became more intense, her hand pushed my hand away as people started to settle near us she was panting as she pulled her dress down and whispered later Babe ok man I'd have fucked her there and then but sadly the plane wasn't quite full but people came to the back for more room so we had to calm down a bit.

We landed early hours and went to meet our taxi in the car park the same driver that brought us so he knew where to go Babe sat in the back behind him he commented how nice and tanned she was staring into his mirror obviously his focus was on her hard nipples her tits pushing her dress out he asked have you had a good time still not taking his eyes off her, Babe replied yes thanks we've had a brilliant holiday as she tried to push the safety belt into the clasp but it wouldn't lock so not looking a gift horse in the mouth he quick as a flash he jumped out opened her door and lent in, he was a big lad so as he brushed against her his left arm pressing against her breast's she raised her own arms above her head giving him room but all it did was push her tits out further towards his arm making him remark sorry but its nice and laughed his left hand slid under her bum raising her up so he could fasten her belt it clicked into place but he still held her his right hand lingered on her thigh then moved up to her belt strap making an excuse it was twisted and slid his fingers under it before he raised them up the belt and over her tits slowly still looking at her his hand lingered at the top before he slowly slid it down again his knuckles pressing into her tit harder before he went up and down the belt several times fast making her gasp as her nipple was like a bullet, I noticed her back arch towards him her tits straining against her dress she bit her lower lip so I knew she was horny, I jokingly commented how she'd been rampant all holiday he took the hint his face not far from hers he said jokingly are you still rampant lady can I help in any way she just replied yes's her eyes looking strait at him as her tongue licked over her lips.

His hand cupped her tit groping her hard he looked over at me I looked at him and said see rampant all holiday, I could see she wanted to be fucked and he wanted to fuck her so I said some place quite mate she needs some fun he quickly jumped into the drivers seat and we sped off, he took us to a country lane near the airport runway not to far down to a small derelict site where he pulled in jumped out opened the boot took our luggage out in a flash he opened her door she was sitting there her hand up her skirt rubbing her slit and the other groping her tits hard he pulled her out to the back of the car pulled her dress over her head his eyes glaring at her with lust as she was standing there in just her wet thong still playing with herself she asked if he liked what he saw will you give me a good time she said I need a nice cock fucking me.

This guy was drooling for her he moved towards her pulling her roughly to him his mouth buried over hers she opened wide for his tongue to mouth fuck her there breathing becoming heavier I could see her tongue probing his mouth deep there mouths slobbering roughly into each other, his hand gripped her arse pulling her hard against his cock now bursting to get at her she pulled his T shirt over his head then bit into his plump chest making him hiss calling her a bitch his hand ripped her thong from her leaving her naked his big hand pushed roughly between her legs making her open them wider for his fingers to push hard into her making her stand on her toes she whimpered as his hand began to finger fuck her dripping cunt his thumb rubbing over her clit hard she squealed repeatedly as he brought her to a massive orgasm her legs began to buckle he slid his other hand between her bum cheeks forcing his big finger inside her so she could not fall, she went limp falling into him letting his rough hands finger her back and front her juices flowing from her she started to rock her hips back and to onto his thrusting fingers her moans now deep she forced her hand down his track suit bottoms her eyes opened wide as she groaned her approval at the size of his cock her hand starting to wank him she looked over at me taking it all in waiting my turn, her eyes glazed Oh she groaned you are a big boy as her hand stroked his cock making him grunt he then gripped her shoulders pushing her onto her knee's his track suit fell to reveal a big fat cock must of been 10inch plus she moaned as she pulled his cock to her mouth he pushed into her making her gang as his head nudged the back of her throat still only half in he began to fuck her face making her gurgle as his head pushed deeper down her throat, she came up for air kissing up his chest there mouths met she tongued him saying taste now fuck me leading him to the back of the estate car boot before she lay down opening her legs wide bending them at the knee's her cunt glistening with her juices man what a sight she was on heat alright.

I watched as he drooled at the mouth at what he was about to devour his right hand stroking his cock as he pushed her onto her back pulling her legs over his shoulders he bent lower to rub his head up and down her slit slapping it hard onto her clit before her cries made him push into her cunt slowly making her mouth open wide as she let out a growl he began to slowly fuck her, she was having trouble taking him all at first but her juices oozed onto his cock lubricating him his thrust's got deeper and deeper till she was taking him all inside her, I watched her as he fucked her getting faster his balls slapping her arse hard she gripped his chest her nails digging into him hard her mouth agape she grunted at each thrust he gave her, her head now rocking side to side as her moans got louder and deeper she snarled at him to fuck her harder give it to me, she swore at him to fuck her come on fuck me she snarled as he rammed into her cunt he was close as he began to grunt with each thrust slamming into her she growled at him to leave it in she wanted his cum deep inside her, she gripped his head pulling him down onto her she began to pant yes give it to me her small frame now hidden beneath his sweating hulk all I could see was her legs over his shoulders and her arms around his neck his thrusts became slower ramming into her holding his cock in deep he shot his load deep inside her cunt she grunted as she tried to thrust her cunt onto his cock wanting more but the guy was gone she'd fucked the life out of him he was just a panting wreck gasping for breath.

He slowly rolled of her his cock made a sucking noise as he came out from inside her his cum oozing from her she groaned as she began to finger her clit wanting more but she had drained his loins of all strength he had trouble just standing, I took my shirt off as I moved between her legs my cock in hand I looked down on this Blonde beauty moved between her open thighs her cunt still oozing cum as I pushed my cock into her I pulled her to the end of the boot lifting her arse up and gripped her arms pulling her mound onto my cock I told her to fuck my cock she started to rock her hips into me her juices still running from her cunt I could feel my head rubbing against her womb her cervix rubbing hard against my head we began to speed up her pussy walls now back to life gripped my shaft as I pushed into her cunt harder, I was so deep into her I thought I was inside her womb but most importantly she began to cum as her cunt mound fucked up and down my shaft she squealed and grunted at me to fuck her leave it in Babe she want more cum inside her, her cunt now grinding hard against me I pushed my thumb against her clit rubbing her faster every time she thrust into me, her mouth now open wide I knew she was close so I asked if she like his cock do you want more babe she growled at me don't stop then that magic moment as her orgasm hit her she went stiff her pussy closing tight over my cock she twitched her cunt her groans deep and her pussy mound started to grind against me I could feel her pussy lips spreading as she ground into me hard.

My cock deep inside her my head rubbing her cervix I was so turned on I didn't want to stop but my lust for her got the better of me, my balls went heavy I shot my load deep inside her she grunted as she ground her cunt against me as we slowly came down from a fuck session we never expected, I slowly let her legs fall free and lowered my body onto her my cock giving her a final twitch I lowered my lips onto hers my tongue probing her mouth lovingly she whispered did you enjoy that Babe I groaned a long yes's Babe. I moved away from her and gazed upon her as she lay there her pussy well and truly used cum still oozing from her as she lay naked in the early morning air.

I turned to look at our driver sitting on the floor totally goosed he laughed and said man what a fucking woman I smiled and just said she certainly is as I opened a case for a towel to wipe ourselves down before we headed home, Babe was still laying in the boot her fingers gently soothing her pussy and pinching her nipples and I new the day had just begun mmm...