Written by Kitty

29 Nov 2012

A few years back I was prasctice nurse in a local surgery and one of my jobs was to visit patients who had either had an operation or illness and lived alone to make sure they were managing.

One day when I picked up my notes of my visits that day I was told about two new patients Bill and Alec. Before going out one of the nurses said I had better warn you about Bill he is bit handy likes to cop a feel of your tits and ass all accidently of course, I laughed I am sure I can handle a 69 year old man. Bill had had a bad fall hurting his back and leg and thought he would be better of in sheltered accomodation. My first view of Bill was a weatherbeaten face, twinkly blue eyes and a permanant sly grin on his face. He was funny and I was sure in his younger days that persudaded a lot of women into his bed and yes his hand did pat and squeeze my knee a lot or `accidently` brush against my 36FF tits. His talk was bawdy lots of stories about his youthful sex life and to be honest he amused me and he made me laugh. One day I even let his hand do bit of a wander on my leg to see how far he would go, all the way to the top of my thigh almost to my crotch. As I pushed his hand away with a behave Bill he just grinned saying you know you like it Nursie (his name for me) I went a little red faced because he was right or it could be I was feeling horny as I hadn`t had a shag for a couple of days.

I hadn`t seen him for a few weeks and was asked to give him a visit. Before I left the surgery I has spilt some liquid on my uniform trousers leaving a stain and as I did not have a spare pair with me changed into my nurses dress. As Bill let me in he said a mans wet dream Nursie I hope you have stockings and suspenders under that uniform I shook my head (I had hold ups) and we sat down so I could find out how things were with him. After I was happy things were well with him I was about to go when he said fancy a cuppa which really meant he wanted a chat. He brought through the tea things on a tray and said oh I forgot the milk he reurned and as he went to pour milk in my cup he dropped the milk jug onto my lap soaking into my unform. I stood up the milk dripping down my uniform onto my legs. I went into the bathroom slipped of my uniform sponging the milk from it and slipped my hold ups off. Bills voice from the doorway maybe I should be like a cat and lick the milk of you, the thought of him licking me made my pussy throb a little. He moved nearer me taking the towel and drying my stomach and thighs, your panties are wet you should take them of, I stood as he pushed my panties down exposing my now throbbing and wet pussy his fingers lightly brushing my bush. That needs drying as well he said rubbing the towel up and down making me groan with the pleasure of it. He undid my bra my tits falling out my nipples like hard red pebbles rubbing them with the towel nice circular motions bursts of pleasure were coursing through my body. my mouth slightly parted my tongue licking at my lips. For a man of 69 Bill was surprisingly strong he pulled me into his bedroom pushing me onto the bed. He soon stripped of his cockstanding out from his body from a bush of grey hair, he started wanking now THAT really turns me on. Open your legs nice and wide he said, I did as far as they would go. That cunt needs filling Nursie it looks so wet I bet I just slide in but first suck me its been a long time since a woman has done that for me. I was eager for cock mouth or cunt I didn`t care as long as he rode one of my holes, I gobbled on his cock taking his full length, after a few minutes he withdrew from my mouth and mounted me pulling my legs above my head he put his head and tongue at my love hole and and licked and sucked my pussy till I had my first orgasm and then he plunged the full length of his cock into me slow thrusts, waves of pleasure ran through my body. Sudddenly he pulled out turned me over pulling me onto all fours as he plunged into me I heard him say you are my bitch and this dog is going to give you a good ride and he did until I felt the splash of his spunk on my back as he emptied his spunk filled balls over me.

We lay on the bed for a while not speaking me not really knowing what to say next Bill quietly chuckling oh that was good its been 5 years since I had a shag always had to do with a wank especially after you been to visit those tits of yours always made me hard. The thought of him wanking of after I visited made me all tingly I put my hand on his cock he laughed I do not think it will get hard again but you can visit again so I can wank of on your titties Nursie. We both laughed that a date then.

Yes I visited Bill again infact quite a few times. When I wright again I will tell about Alec who ever said older men can`t fuck???