Written by hintofhandsome1

6 Jul 2011

I was in a new relationship with one of the sexiest women I had ever met. We were both in our late twenties at the time. She was small and slim with a really curvy bum and small pert breasts. I loved watching men lusting after her body as she walked past them and always encouraged her to wear revealing clothes.

We had only been going out for a few months and both of us wanted an open relationship but wanted to stay together. On two occasions she had arrived home full of cum and we enjoyed the slippery joys of sloppy seconds.

The third time this happened she arrived home very drunk and looked so sexy with the "just fucked" look about her. I was looking forward to a prolonged sexy session but she just passed out fully clothed on the bed. I put her on her side with one knee raised and undressed her. Her stocking tops were wet with juice and when I slipped my fingers under her flimsy knickers was rewarded with a slippery wet pussy. I could not resist and started to lick her out enjoying the salty taste of the cum sliding out of her pussy. She moved and rolled onto her stomach depriving me of any further pleasure. As I was very frustrated I wanked myself off shooting cum all over her sexy bum and onto her knickers.

It took her until the following afternoon to recover and after a long shower she walked naked into the lounge where I was watching a film. She asked me if I had fucked her the previous night and when I told her no I had only wanked over her she got really turned on. She stood in front of me and started to play with her shaved pussy and I could see she was getting wet. I said "you like the thought of men wanking over you" she moaned and her fingers moved faster. "think of all those cocks spurting hot cum over you" I taunted. her fingers were a blur. "having lots of men cum on you is fantastic" I blurted without thinking. She stopped and stared at me "how do you know" she asked. For a second I froze then an the basis of all or nothing told her how in my youth I was so oversexed that I became bisexual and many men had enjoyed my body and lots of men had shot cum over me. She got me to tell all and when I told her about one lover who made me wank in front of groups of older men who then shot cum all over me she started to rub her pussy again and in no time we were fucking hard. "I want to do that with you" she said and just the thought of it got me hard again and I pushed my cock into her soaking pussy as I agreed.

The following late afternoon we went to an area where I knew from past experience we would probably meet lots of older men looking for sex. it was a heavily wooded area with lots of secluded alcoves deep inside. I took her to one I knew well that had large fallen tree in the corner and was surrounded by bushes. It was a warm evening and as it was summer would not get too dark. She was trembling as I took her coat off and revealed her body clad only in black seamed stockings and suspender belt. That was all she was wearing. I stripped off naked and got an instant hard on. She started to suck me and was so engrossed doing his that she did not see movement behind her. I pulled her up and made her lean back on the tree trunk and I started to lick her pussy. Her fingers pushed my tounge away as her body tensed up and I knew we had company. I stood up and there were three men of about 50 rubbing their cocks looking at us. I smiled at them and told them to come closer as she started to rub her pussy and slide her fingers in and out. She watched the men take their cocks out and her eyes were glued to them as her fingers frantically rubbed. one of the men moved really close to her side and his cock was only inches from her belly as he wanked hard. She started to moan and her legs quivered as her fingers nearly made her cum but before she reached climax the mans cock suddenly grew and a huge spurt of cum went all over her hand and fingers followed by another spurt that shot all over her belly and under her breasts. She gave a screech and pushed her cum covered fingers hard into her pussy as her orgasm turned her into jelly legs. She stood for a while recovering and breathing hard then her fingers went back to her pussy as she watched the other two men. For a while everyone was just wanking then another two men came in. They were also probably late 40's early 50's and one of them I recognised from previous sex sessions. One of the first two men moved up close to her and stood in front of her open legs and eyes fixed on her shaven pussy released a stream of cum all over her legs and stockings. she scooped it up and rubbed it into her legs and belly still playing with her pussy. i turned her round and she put one arm against he tree and the other playing with herself as I moved behind her. I slid my cock deep into her as she moaned in pleasure. I gripped her hips and slowly moved my cock in and out of her. The men moved closer to watch and the man I knew before took my hand and put it round his large cock the other man a moment later did the same with my other hand. it was such a sexy feeling wanking two cocks while fucking my girlfriend. The other man not to be outdone took her hand and wrapped it round his long thin cock. She looked round and saw me playing with the other two cocks and I felt her pussy twitch as she was getting close to another orgasm. She rubbed the cock over her nipple wanking him hard and very soon his hips jerked and he shot three streams of cum over her breasts. She stood up making my cock drop out of her and turned round looking over my shoulder smiling. I looked round and saw another two men had arrived both wanking their cocks.

She told me to wank one of the men and make him cum over her. I made the man stand in front of her as she pushed her hips out. Her pussy was only inches from his cock as i wanked him. I took some of the cum from her breasts and made my hand slippery as I wanked him. He did not last long and as I could feel him just about to cum pushed him forward so his cock was touching her pussy as he shot several strings of cum over her pussy lips and the top of her thighs. This sent her into another orgasm and she clung onto me as her body shuddered with pleasure. She then knelt on all fours and invited the other men to shoot cum over her and allowed them to grope her. i watched as three men knelt either side of her fingering her pussy and rubbing her nipples and one after the other they shot cum over her bum and and back. While this was happening the other man and me were wanking each other slowly.

She stood up and in the half light she looked fantastic cum was running down her back and was streaked over her breasts, she rubbed her hands all over her body rubbing it in and whenever she found a glob of cum she pushed it into her pussy. She beckoned the last man over and stood in front of him and grabbed his cock as she leaned back against the tree. She wanked him hard and just as he was about to cum he bent his knees to shoot over her pussy but she stood on tiptoe and pushed his cock into her as he shot his load. i knew he was a heavy cummer and he pushed right into her as she looked me in the eyes as he dumped several spurts of cum into her. The second he pulled out of her I picked her up and she wrapped her legs round me and arms round my neck. My cock automatically found the spot and slid into her making the cum in her squelch out and drip onto the ground. The last man surprised me then by with one hand cupping my balls and with the other he pushed it between us and rubbed her clit. We both came with an intensity that nearly made me collapse and she for the first time squirted all over my belly and balls her orgasm was so strong. It took us a while to recover and we vowed to do it again.