Written by honeysex

10 Mar 2010

Whilst in Dubai on business last week I got a call from my GF's best friend, who had checked in one of the 5* hotels for a stopover from her honeymoon in Malaysia. I was at her wedding and told her about my visit. She wanted to meet for a quick drink one evening and I agreed and asked her to confirm when it's was convenient for them.

On Thursday about 4pm , N called and left a message to say her husband will be away for a few hours doing last minute shopping and whether we could meet. I said no problems as I will be finished by 5. I was a bit surprised her husband would not be there. Before her marriage N was a very active with several boyfriends and we got on really well. She is Asian, 5ft 6in, very firmly toned and a good sized bust.

I arrived at her hotel just after 5, called her to meet in the lobby. But she asked me come up to the room.

She opened her hotel suite's door and I was amazed. She looked so sexy , all tanned up and wearing a lovely tight red dress. I commented on her looks and outfit and asked if she was ready to go out for a drink. She replied' no need , have some champagne on ice here'. She poured a glass for each of us and I toasted her honeymoon. She had been drinking before and looked a bit tipsy. I leant over and kissed her cheek, but she turned around and kissed me on my lips. A bit taken back but nothing of it.

We got talking and drinking. The bottle soon finished and she ordered another from room service. The conversation turned to sex and her honeymoon.She admitted it was ok but she missed been licked as her husband didn't like it(been Asian). She then dropped a bomb shell by saying'I know you lick good' as my GF told her on her hen do!

She then said 'I want to be licked by you now'. I must admit with the champagne and her flirting I became very horny and developed a hard on.

I moved closer to her and snogged her. She responded by shoving her tongue down my throat. We moved our tongues in each other and I started to feel her toned body from her breasts, down her waist and her long legs. She responded by stripping my shirt off and feeling my chest. She whispered 'lick me please'.

I moved her on the sofa, layed her down, moved her dress up her legs and her shaven pussy was exposed without any knickers. I love shaven pussy, I started to kiss her thighs, she started to moan very softly, I moved my tongue on her wet pussy and very slowly started to kiss and lick her clit. She moved her legs further apart for greater entry and I started to tongue fuck her . Her moans became louder, which promoted me to lick her faster. To turn her on more, I pushed my index finger in her pussy and while flicking her clit I was finger fucking her hard. She began to scream with pleasure. I continued for a few minutes and then took some champagne from the bottle, took a sip and poured some on her pussy. She loved the feeling of cold and I commenced to lick and suck the champagne of her cunt. She was screaming and very soon I tasted her cum on my tongue. I licked her clean.

She asked me to move to the bedroom, and we took off each others clothes and took the bottle with us. The bedroom was enormous with a bed extra kingsize. Just as we started to play with each other , her phone rang and it was her husband.

She started to talk to him, while I took the opportunity to kiss, lick and touch her newly suntaned body. She was trying not to moan and keep calm. I poured some champagne on her erect nipples and started to suck them. I was so turned on, with her speaking to her husband while i was all over her. She took my hard cock with the other hand and started to wank it. I heard him say' everything ok'? She replied ' yes. just tired'. He called to say due to traffic he is running late. Perfect I thought.

She put her the phone down and we ended up in a 69 position. We sucked, licked and played with each other.

This time, she wanted me to fuck her. I lifted her legs over my shoulder and entered her wet pussy deep. She cried with pleasure and i started pumping hr deep, looking into her eyes. I could see she had not been fucked properly for a long time. I continued deep and hard until i shot my load deep in her and she screamed in pleasure while coming.

Due to the limited time we cuddled up, kissed and she called the house keeping for a change of line.

I had a shower, snogged her goodbye and left in a hurry. that evening she texted me to 'compliment me on my licking and say she had the best sex with her husband , thinking of me.

We need to meet again I think.