Written by Alison

25 Jan 2016

Some time ago, I wrote about my introduction to swinging (Nanny in London) where I was being shagged by the couple I worked for as a nanny. I worked for them for two years during which I was fucked repeatedly by Gary, often sharing the bed with his wife Fran who was pretty horny all the time. They also took me on their swinging where I was far the youngest person. It turned me on to older guys. But nothing prepared me for the wedding I attended this summer.

My 25-year-old sister was getting married and I was again one of the youngest people there. I am now 20 and I was at the wedding by myself. Several of the guys were trying it on, the odd pat on the bum and a feel of my tits as I kissed them hello.

Anyway the wedding reception was at a hotel where we were all staying, just outside London. I was wearing a fairly short blue silky dress with a plunging top (which meant that guys were constantly looking down at my tits). To remind you I am 5ft 6, have long dark hair, 34b tits and am quite slim. I have been getting sex regularly since I was at boarding school where I lost my virginity to a class mate. We carried on shagging for the last year at school, in the toilets, in the forest near the school, and even in the movies. A year after I left school, I bumped into one of my old teachers in the street in London and we went for a drink. Long story short, we ended up in bed with him banging me and telling me how long he had wanted me. He had a huge cock and really gave me a great seeing too. Loads of spunk, my tits being bitten and a really great arse fuck. We were at it all night. That was me hooked on older guys.

So I was sort of on the look out at my sister's wedding having recently been dumped by my boyfriend after I let his best mate finger me at a party when I was drunk. Another story.

Anyway, I found myself sitting next to my sister's new father in law at the wedding dinner. His wife had recently died and he was quite dishy (about 55 years old) but I was still surprised when his hand rested on my leg under the table. He got the message when I didn't move it and he steadily moved it up to my thigh. My dress was high up my thighs under the table and he was soon stroking my thighs. Then, after about 10 minutes, he touched my pussy through my knickers. I practically came on the spot. I was soo wet as he snaked his fingers past my knickers and started to finger my soaking fanny. It was amazing. I leant towards him and brushed my tits against him as I was dying to be fucked.

Anyway, this carried on for what seemed like ages as I ached for it but tried so hard not cum.

I managed to stay calm as we got on with the meal and Tom pulled his hands back above the table.

Later, he whispered to me to go and take my bra off. I was dying for it and too turned on that I just went to the toiler , before the speeches had begun. I took off my soft white bra and put it in my bag and went back to the table. He just started talking dirty into my ear, telling me how much he wanted to fuck me.

Anyway, long story short, he took me to his room after the meal. He did not even wait for me to undress. Just pushed me in against the wall, pushed his hands straight up my dress and ripped my pants off. I was screaming at him to fuck me you bastard, give it tome, bang me Tom. I know how older guys always love that. I was screaming the place down and dying for his cock which I started to pull out of his trousers. He held me against the wall as we snogged and then whack, he rammed his cock right into my pussy in one movement. It was fantastic. I came straight away as he carried on shagging me, telling me I was a little slut and he was going to fuck me so much. I said yes yes yes as he banged me against the wall. My dress was up around my waist, the top was off my tits as he bit my nipples and just kept going.

Anyway, he finally came floods of spunk and I spent the next 10 minutes trying to get it off my dress. Not long after we re joined the party and I was just so exhausted really shagged out and could hardly talk. My sister came up to me and asked where I had been. I mumbled something and she asked "You haven't been shagging Tom have you?" I owned up because we trust each other and share things a lot. But then she said : "He's good isn't he. He fucked me last week." I was gob smacked.

More soon.