Written by Grace

1 Feb 2019

After telling Rob all about my indiscretions at my Works Christmas party I had reluctantly agreed to stay even though he Thought I was all for it. I was off work between Xmas and New Year . On the Friday I had just got dressed and was going to go shopping So I was wearing Knee length skirt Jumper Hold ups and sensible shoes. I headed off to the Trafford centre and after buying some new Undies and a See through white blouse and new mini skirt I was just coming out of Victoria's Secrets when I walked into Emma and after exchanging welcomes etc we decided to go for a coffee and she said that both her and Ollie were really pleased that we were both going to stay over at new Year and after about 40 mins we decided to leave she asked me back to hers for a proper drink but I explained that I had an appointment at The beauty salon to tidy up my pubes, not mentioning that I wanted to dye my heart shaped pubes bright red to match my nails and lips. She then said that as all the boys were going out to the pub tonight I should go around to her house then and we could have a good chat in private and open a bottle of wine. so after I finally got home and prepared tea I got dressed and arranged for a taxi to pick me up at 7.30 pm rob came in and I told him that I was going around to Emma's while he was out at the pub so we shared the taxi and arranged that If I was still at Emma's he would pick me up when they got back from the pub. I had changed into a Button fronted simple mini dress with hold ups but 3" heels. we arrived at Emma's and the men went out and I opened a bottle of Rose wine that I had taken with me and we both sat in their comfortable Lounge drinking when Emma said

" I am surprised that you are both staying over at New Year but really pleased and we should all have a great time. you do realise what happens don't you ? as I had been told that Rob is your first and only lover and you were not interested in others has something happened to change your mind? " I started to blush and finally told her about my Works party and how Rob had been great about it and when he had suggested that we stay over I agreed to .

Out of the blue she then asked me if I had ever had sex with another woman she must have noticed the shocked expression on my face as I shook my head. She then continued

" Grace did you never even mess around with any of your friends when you were growing up? " I just sat there in astonishment at what she had just said and shook my head but at the same time started blushing.She noticed this and then said " Come on Grace tell what you did It won't go any further honestly." we opened another bottle of wine and had another glass.

I looked at her for a few minutes befoe saying. " Well when I had just had my 14th Birthday I had stayed over at my friend Fiona's house for a few days at Easter and on the second night I had just got to sleep I was awoken to hear some moaning coming from Fiona then as I woke up completely could hear a soft buzzing noise . I was just going to turn my bedside light on when I heard a pleasant sounding moan come from Fiona and the buzzing noise stopped so I just turned over and went back to sleep. As we got up and went out for the day nothing was said about the previous night. I must say at this point that I had only devloped breast buds just befor Christmas and my pubic hair was just starting to grow even if very wispy.

That evening we went upstairs gort undressed for bed and played some cd's before getiing into bed and I plucked up the courage to ask Fiona what I had heard the previous evening . She got out of bed and lat at my side and explained that she had been pleasuring herself and I could not comrehend so she showed me and was soon squeezing my growing nipples before very slowly placing her hands on to my vagina and opened my lips and took mt hand and got me to do the same we both fingered each other till I became uncomfortable with it and I turned over and she went back to her own bed. It was never mentioned by either of us ever again.

Emma said " you poor thing it must have been an upsetting experience for you"

" Not really and Fiona and I are still very close and she was my chief bridesmaid when I got married."Then Emma stood up and took my hand and I stood and let her lead me upstairs as we entered a large bedroom I was shocked to see several things hanging on the wall from 50 Shades sh turned to me and started to kiss me passionately on the lips and i don't know why but I responded as he hand cupped my breast before strarting to open the buttons on my dress and taking it off my shoulders and it dropped to the floor and I was stoo in just my shoes a small lacy bra and matching shorts and my hold ups she enocuraged me to undress her and as i took her blouse of her pert tits came into view and she was wearing no bra her skirt followed and i also saw tha she had no knickers on either and was completely shaven. We both fell onto her large round bed and I was shocked to find that it was in fact a water bed. the kissing continued as or tongues dashed into each others mouth. She the started to suck my nipples bringing groans of pleasure from me and i found my self rubbing her nipples with one hand and my other hand was soon entering a very wet slit and i soon had three fingers inside her and I felt her start to orgasm and she pushed my head down and I was soon tasting a womans love juice for the very first time and my tongue was going inside her and I was pushing it in as far as I could before she had a second orgasm We swapped around and for the first time experienced the joy of sex with another woman.

we were both exhausted and just lay side by side before getting a quick shower and dressed . We returned downstairs and were sat talking about what had happened when Rob rang to say that they were just getting a taxi so if I could be ready I could jump in as Ollie got out.

As The taxi arrived I turned to Emma and gave her a kiss and said roll on Monday night turned and got in the taxi almost immediately rob's hand was troking my knickers and commented that I seemed ready as soon as we got inside he pined me on the stairs and had my knickers downs and was deep inside me and was soon filling me up. he asked what we had been up to and i told him that i had experienced woman on ,woman sex for the first time and as we went upstairs I was soon flat on the bed as he again rock hard and for the next 15 minutes we had wild sex with me screaming for more till he shot another load deep inside me. saturday and sunday were the same as he filled me up on six occasions over theweekend but on monday morning I stopped him as i wanted to be ready for the evening..

I got dressed in my new white see through blouse and short mini skirt with white lace shorts and balcony bra . and hold ups. Our taxi arrived and as we got there as usual there were a total of five couples plus Ollie and Emma . The night progresed well with plenty of alchol consumed the other couples were Beccy and Sean , Wendy and Gary , Sara and Andy , Michelle and Brad and finally Joanne and Steve. we were all mixng and several commented to that is was nice we were staying over. as midnight sounded we were all dancing and as usual it was kisses all round. after we had set off all the fireworks . we all went back inside and this is when Rob and myself usually left but no alll the women were ushered into the kitchen and asked by Emma if anybody had any boudaries and as nobody else answere I kept quiet . Emma then came around to confirm our clothing size and I told her 6 - 8 normally 8 she reached into her kitchen drawer marked 8 and handed me a pair of size 8 lace shorts I told her i already was wearing a new pair almost the same she smiled and just asked me to change As the others were also given lace shorts in various sizes and colours i changed mine ant was only as I was just feeling they wer fitting correctly as they felt different I realised that they were in fact crotchless . we all refilled our glass and retrune to were the men were to find all the furniture on top of each other and the floor covered by 6 double mattresses covered in either red black or white plastic with numerous packs of baby wipes spread around the floor as we were then shown into the hall laid out on the floor was a twister mat. the girls were to go first and anybody that over balanced would remove one item of clothing Knickers were not to be removed if any body fell they would remove 3 items of clothing we started by the women drawing lots as to which order to go and I was third we had to spin four times for both legs and feet when it was m turn I was ok wit my feet on the same row two discs apart and my hands one in front the other through my legs behind me but I felt solid Rebecca was first to stumble and then fall meaning three items she had bumped into me and Joanne as she fell so we also lost 1 item . I had already counted that I only had 4 items on my next turn I had to move my lg over Emma's leg and fell crashing to the floor knocking Emma to the floor as well we both stripped off and we both were left in just our knickers so were out we were then taken into the rear lounge were there were 12 discs on the floor we had to stand in opposite corners hands and feet on these discs .

I then noticed Rob appear and walk behind Emma before lying on his back behind Emma and noticed he was only wearing his boxers and it was obvious he was aroused and he slid then between Emma's legs and at the same time I realised that Sean was sliding between my legs and it was obvious that they would have a very good view of our private area through the open crotch . I must admit that the thought of Sean looking straight at me caused me to start to get a little damp we stayed like that for about 10 mins during which time all the others joined us Michelle was over Ollie Sara over Steve Joanne over Brad Wendy over Gary

One everybody was in position I heard Emma say " Ok girls stay still and enjoy I then heard the unmistakeable buzzing as 6 vibrators were turned on and I felt Sean slowly run an 82 sliver bullet vibrator slowly up my leg while his other hand slowly parted my lips to receive it soon he was slowly pushing it in further and further until it was all in the slowly manoevered it in different positions as I could feel and orgasm start to grasp me. I heard some of the others start to scream out as their orgasms hit them Emma was the loudest Michelle and Ollie Emma and Rob stood up and went through to the lounge Sean helped me up and we made our way into lounge followed by Sara and Steve and on entering I was shocked at first as Emma was on all fours and Rob was really fucking her from behind Sean guided me onto the floor and lifted my legs over his shoulder and I felt his tongue start to play with my clit and his tongue dart into my slit pushing my lips apart and entering me before moving then I felt his penis start to part my lips and my vagina start to open as he pushed in and he was soon pounding away while he played with my clit with his finger I was in heaven when I sensed somebody there I opened my eyes to see Ollie putting his very erect penis towards my mouth and I opened my mouth as he entered and was soon fucking my mouth until I was gaging as he went in and kept going till his balls were banging against my lips I then realised I was being spit roasted and was enjoying it I felt Sean start to tense and realised that he was on the verge of coming and soon I felt his hot come deep inside me and my vaginal muscles tensed squeezing onto his cock and I was gasping when I felt hot cum hit the back of my throat and was almost choking as I was filled at both end.

I was spit roasted on three more occasions over the next 5 hours as well as having a threesome with Wendy and Joanne.

By the end of the night I was very sore in the bum cunt and mouth as all had been filled and serviced several time and I had had sex with everybody at the party at least once and I had watched Rob both give and receive oral and anal off Sean.

I will go into what happened as we all started to wake up at about lunch time on new years day and since if people want me to Rob says he will also put his account of what he saw and happened later