Written by motivated runner

3 Jul 2015

Would not say I am a hardened runner, but I have a regular route I do to help keep the weight off and have been running it for nearly a decade not with any great effort but following my last run I may need to do it more often. It happend the other day I was late home from work and decided I needed a run to help relax following a long day.

I came home and got changed into my running shorts and set off the route is about 3 miles and is a little bit of road then it is more trail running and then takes me round a local nature park. So set off and thought it was a bit late and would be dark before I get home. I get to the nature reserve and run through the car park and notice a car park on the other side of the barrier as it closes before dusk. So assumed it would be a dog walker. Thought nothing of it and cracked on. No part of the run climbs a small hill but always seems to make me breath heavy. So when I reach the top I started to walk hand on head and raisedcand eyes semi closed. Thats when I heard voices and say a flash and thought explains the car and waited for the dog and though was that lighting that we had been promised. No dog came and I walked round the corner to find a lovely looking lady sat on a bench in a skirt and heels with a flash of stockings showing and a guy with a camera. The top open to her waist exposing her black lace bra her legs apart revealing stocking tops she quickly covered up and apologised.

no need to apologise I said you look great (didn't know what else to say). I have another lap to do so don't rush finish your shoot I said not seen anyone else on here tonight so you should be ok I'll be about 20 minutes and set off to leave them to it.

Surfice to say I could not stop thinking about her and what state of undress she wouldd end up in, but didnt expect to see them again. But climbed the hill and could still here voice and could see the flash betteras it was getting quite dark and as there was no lighting on the path made the flash light the sky. So I decided to make some noise to let them know I was coming round the corner. As I rounded the corner, the site will stay with me for ever. She was down to her undearwear and stockings sucking on the camera mans cock why he was trying to take a picture. They didnt stop she looked me in the eye and carried on.

Jokingly I said to the guy "do you want me to take a pic or two for you" while still walking. Imagine my response when he said "yes please mate, if you dont mind. Must point and click it will sort it all for you" now I am no professional photographer but I dont know what made mecmore nervous. I was about to take pictures of a women hows name I didnt know sucking on a guy cock who i didnt know. Or the fact that I was doing it with a obviously expensive camera!

So taking pictures lasted may be ten minutes but they had fun I think change of postions close ups etc a good effort on my part I thought but I had a raging hard on for all to see even stopped to adjust it. But I was stood over the lady taking a shot of the guy penetrating her when to my shock she reached up and stroked my hard cock through the shorts. Not only did I nearly drop the camera but nearly came there and then. Thankfully I didnt.

All I could say was hellowhy looking at her. Hello to you she said as she released my hard cock from my shorts. Managed to potion me on the bench they had been using and preceeded to suck my cock they guy sensibly took his camera off me and started to click away with the words dont worry mate your face wont be in any but your cock will is that ok. What else is a guy gonna say I ask you. She was very good playing with my balls while taking my 8" cock in her mouth fantastic is the only way I can discribe it. All I could think of is does she swallow? So asked she just looked and smiled and went back to sucking. At this point the guy move round to the back of her and started to pump her slowly at first then building faster and faster until I could feel her starting to tense to climax. I couldnt hold on any longer and exploded in her mouth just has the guy pulled out and and came all over her ass. She swallowed every drop she had taken. I thanked them as you would and left them to it (didnt know what else to do).

It wasconly as I am telling the wife as she had started to get worried as the run only takes me 30 minutes and I had been out 1 hour and 15 minutes by the time I got home that I realized that I didnt know there names. I am hoping you are on hear and would like a repeat performance and would allow my wife to join in? If you are please leave a comment and I will look at the pictures and hopefully contact you or if you are happy just say it was u.

As you can imagine I have been back but not seen them.:-(