Written by Lynd7635

20 Feb 2010

Last night was our second time at Abfab club.Ronnie my 47yr old wife had dressed ina short grey pencil skirt and blouse and underneath she had on a wide black suspender belt and a tiny black thong and flesh coloured stockings with ablack seem.On arrival we did a little tour of the place to see what was about on the single male front ,Ronnie saw a couple of guys she was interested in and said they may join us later.

We went in the cinema area that had about 5 guys in ther and a couple in the corner as we watched the porno I started to kiss Ronnie and put my had up her skirt and play with her totally shaven pussy .I then pulled her skirt up around her waist and exposed her shaven pussy to the guys around us.Three of them came over and started to watch and one old guy took out his extremmely large cock and started to wank. I got Ronnie to bring up her legs and hook her heels on the metal frame of the couch and I completely opened her wet pussy lips.I got my cock out wanking and then got between her legs and fucked as she moaned and looked at the large cock wanking before her.

After A while we stopped and left the cinema,Ronnie sadi that she was not into the guy as he was a bit old.

We danced arounda bit in the music area and waspassed by a tall guy with short hair.I said to Ronnie to you fancy him to watch and wank she said yes and we waited for him to pass,when he did We asked him to join us but he was with his girl and was hooking up with another guy.

Then another guy walked by he was abou 5'10''and quite muscular in his early 30's and Ronnie said that she fancied him.

We waited for him to pass by again andwhen he did he was busy txting on his phone as he finished we approached him I said Will you join us in aroom and whilst I fuck my wife she will wank you off.He said ok and we went into the nearest room.As we got in the room I locked the door behind us and told Ronnie to turn around .I then pulled up her skirt and exposed her litle bum with her thong up the crack of her arse and framed in her suspender belt.I said Look at that lovely arse and i sad touch it.Ronnie was looking over her shoulder as he was rubbing her arse as we both started to wank.Ronnie was moaningand was looking at the guys big cock.

I then told Ronnie to sit on the side on the bed with her legs open and her thong pulled to one side I went betwenn her legs and stared to fuck her As the guy wanked his cock.

Ronne the reached out and took hold of his cock and started to wank it,her tiny had with this throbbing monster in it.The guy said Do you want me to cum slow or fast Ronnie looked up at him with puppy dogs eyes and said I dont mind.

I then laid her back on the bed and stared to fuck her as she wanked of this guy.He had his had in her bra playing with her tits and all the tim she was moaning like never before.He then put his finger in her mouth and she was sucking it like a cock.

She then sat up as she started to wank the guy hard.He said that he was going to cum And I continue to fuck Ronnie hard.Then the guy explode into Ronnies face and on to her hairand on to her stockings.The guy said was that good and Ronnie said yes.

As he left the room Leaving Ronnie covered in his spunk She started to lick it off her face.She started to put it on he fingers and lick it off.

I climbed on top her and started to snog her and fuck her I could taste the guys spunk in her mouth and her cunt was soaking wet.I said you love that didn't you and I can taste his spunk in your mouth.She said Yes and continue to moan as I emptied my spunk into her.

To who ever the guy was thank you and hope to see you again

and can't wait to go to the party again