Written by DonKiddick101

1 Jun 2010

Last Friday, I called in at my favourite gloryhole toilets, to have a very-needed pee, and also check again whether the toilets were still 'usable'.

As I walked in, it seemed extremely busy! Four guys in succession passed me in the doorways, as I entered. I wondered whether it was just the time of day, (mid-afternoon), a pure chance, or whether word had spread that there was a small gloryhole in the cubicle wall...

Anyway, I saw that there were 2 guys stood side-by-side at the urinals, that the left cubicle was occupied, but that the right cubicle was empty. So, I walked straight to the vacant cubicle, locking the door behind me, and wiped the toilet seat.

As I undid my belt, I noticed (out of the corner of my eye) that there was a piece of toilet paper plugging the hole in the cubicle partition. I duly dropped my trousers, and knickers (specially selected for the occasion), and sat down on the toilet. Once I had concluded my very-needed pee, (which seemed to last forever!), I glanced to the plugged hole. It seemed as though there was a hole through the centre of the paper plug, but there was a dim light showing through the hole. Just at that moment, the guy (I presume) in the next cubicle cleaned himself, flushed the toilet, and departed. I saw the shadow of the cubicle door move, showing that the door had swung open and closed, but not locked. Knowing there was no-one in the next cubicle, I inspected the partition hole again, and realised that the dim light through the hole was due to a sheet of toilet paper stuck to the wall.

Feeling turned-on, I started to masturbate slowly, wondering whether anything would happen again, as it had on previous occasions.

Then I heard the corridor door squeek, footsteps, and the next cubicle was occupied again. I heard the sound of undressing, for quite a while (I thought), which made me curious. But I just carried on masturbating. Then, a trainer-clad foot swung close to the partition, and I heard a cough from the guy in the next cubicle. I leant forward, to check whether there was still just the dim light from the partition hole, but, it seemed to have gone even darker. I assumed that the guy was leaning against the partition blocking the light; But why? I then saw a hand touch the floor, beneath the partition, and then two hairy knees, spaced about a metre apart! Then the toilet paper plug vanished from the hole...

I realised that the guy in the next cubicle was kneeling flat on the floor, masturbating as close to the partition as he could, and watching me masturbate through the hole.

As the light from the ceiling created shadows on the floor, I could see the silhouette of an arm moving back and forth quite quickly, in an almost hypnotising sway.

Then, a hand appeared to touch the floor under the partition. I couldn't identify whether it was a hand signal for me to participate, or not. (I'm fairly new to this scene, so need a bit of training - So, should I do something, or not? After all, guys were coming and going through the toilets every couple of minutes. It seemed really busy - typical!

The feeling in my groin took over, and I reached below the partition, centrally between the visible knees... I suddenly had the grasp of a cock, and it oozed pre-cum onto my fingers! I licked my fingers quickly, which tasted so nice, before leaning down again.

But, it was such an awkward reach, that I couldn't do much to help the owner of the cock. I was just about to ease down onto my knees, when someone walked into the toilets and tried my cubicle door! Below my door, I could see the toe of a shoe moving away, but stopping, still in sight. I couldn't believe that the guy in the next cubicle was still on the floor, with his bare knees under our adjoining partition, masturbating away heavily, whilst at least one guy was waiting outside, probably able to see him!

At that point, trying to keep my mind on the job failed. I decided to head elsewhere.

I wondered whether I could communicate to the guy in the other cubicle, for him to leave too. But, I had no paper or pen, (reminder to self, for next time!), couldn't even whisper, in case the guys nearby heard me, and didn't know any other signals.

So, I began to fake cleaning myself up with toilet paper, flushed, and dressed, during which the guy next door moved from the floor.

As I unbolted the door there were a series of three faces, staring straight at me!

They all looked red-faced and stressed out...

Were they desperately wanting the toilet, wanting to grab me by the collar, or wanting to occupy the cubicle urgently to see what my next-door neighbour was like?

I washed my hands, and stepped between the other guys, to dry my hands (why are gents toilets always small and badly designed?).

Once I'd stepped into the corridor, I waited a short while, to see if 'the guy with the hairy knees' was identifyable. But no. And from then on, there was so much activity from cleaners and other staff that I decided to walk away.

So I had to settle with a quicky, in a quiet place, nearby.

Maybe I'll return next Friday... Of course, I'll tell you all if something happens!