3 May 2019

I had such fun times at that hospital, until the management 'refurbished' the toilets, leaving just one cubicle and armouring the wall!

I particularly remember helping a biker who'd been in an accident, and had a foot and arm in plaster, but tried to insist on being independent.

He was struggling to the nearby disabled toilet on a crutch, and I was approaching.

He asked if I would mind helping him.

I assisted him from the corridor into the toilet, and said I'd step outside and guard the door.

But he said he really needed a bit more help, with his trousers, as he needed to (use his undamaged hand to) hold himself upright... and would I really mind helping him to pee? I hesitated, but he pleaded again.

I undid his trousers, pulled his briefs down a little, but, seeing the size of his flaccid cock, (about four inches), realised that he was likely to piss all over the place, said "Errr... Can you cope now?", thinking that I didn't want to just grab hold of a biker's cock, in case he got angry!

He said "I'm not sure...", looked at his cock, and said "would you mind helping a bit more?"

I gingerly reached out, grasped his uncut cock between finger and thumb, and pointed it at the toilet bowl.

As soon as I touched his cock he said "Thanks!...."

It was great, with me feeling the piss flow through his cock until every last spurt was pushed out.

In my trousers, my cock was stirring as I got hornier and hornier.

He then looked me in the eye, and it became obvious that he liked me holding his cock.

He said "Thankyou", I said "You're welcome!", and he then said "you look like you enjoyed that too!", and I agreed.

I continued holding his cock, stroking it harder as it grew to about seven inches, and then dropped to my knees and deepthroated him, swallowing all his cum.

We then agreed that we'd better finish up, and I dressed him up, before helping him out of the disabled toilet.

Mmmmmm..... I can remember it, as if it were yesterday!

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