Written by trainman

12 Feb 2010

We'd been on holiday 10 days, renting a villa on a small urbanisation nr Malaga, sunbathing mostly, just relaxing in the sun. It was a huge house, 5 beds, huge pool, lots of terraces including one off the main bedroom upstairs.

We were with some friends but in the afternoons it was understood that I'd go off for a cpl of hrs nude sunbathing on the upper terrace. I'd been up there lying in the hot sun for about an hour when T sent me a txt..."I'm hot and horny" it said...."will join you in an hour, want to get hotter". She was sunbathing topless downstairs by the pool with our friends. I looked between the gaps in the low wall and could see her, wearing a small black thong, she kept adjusting so she'd get an all over tan but still covering her shaved pussy as she lay chatting. "Bring some ice cubes when you come" I txted back.

After her message I couldn't wait...I started wanking myself, lying on the lounger below the wall, knowing I couldn't be seen from any other villas as the hot sun beat down on my naked oiled body. The terrace had two doors onto it...one from the bedroom and one from the en-suite and I kept walking into the bathroom to look at myself in the full length mirror....proud shaved cock jutting out from my tanned, muscular body, then standing leaning over the wall, knowing my hard cock was brushing against the concrete on the other side as I watched people in neighbouring villas. I went back to the lounger and lay down, stroking my tits and playing with my cock, eyes closed. When I opened them I realised she was stood at the door to the bathroom, leaning against the frame, naked, watching me as one of her hands played with her nipples, the other stroking her belly just above her pussy.

I sat up and she came over and motioned me to move off the lounger...never speaking....she lay back, closed her eyes, spread her feet wide, knees bent, opened her legs and licked the fingers of her right hand. With her left hand she opened the lips to her gorgeous smooth, shaved pussy and lowering her other hand began gently rolling her clit as the sun burned into it. I stood watching, wanking slowly as she put on a show....stroking her big tits, as she played with her pussy, then rolling and squeezing one of her thick nipples as they grew to her touch. As she got hornier, she slipped a finger inside her now juicy cunt and as she did arched her back in pleasure and moaned softly...I wanted to fuck her so much but knew to wait....I got the ice cubes she'd brought and kneeling at the foot of the lounger between her legs, slipped the edge of one into her hot pussy. She gasped as the ice touched her burning lips and her head went back again. I rolled the ice cube on her lips as I leant forward and began licking her clit. She dropped a hand to the side and I moved round so she could feel my stiff cock. She grabbed it, squeezed it hard and began wanking it....all the time with her eyes firmly closed. I moved the lounger and lifted her legs onto the wall so she was facing the other villas....the wall had gaps in it and it turned me on knowing that IF the neighbours looked over they cld probably see us and her pussy spread before them. I stood up, feet near her head either side of the lounger and leaning down began to suck and lick her pussy with my cock and balls hanging inches from her face. She reached up and began to pull down on my balls with one hand and wank me slowly and hard with the other...all the time squeezing my shaft so the viens were popping. She arched up and sucked my balls taking one at a time into her mouth...then lying back down, slapped my naked arse as I pushed my tongue deeper into her, tasting her juices.

She could tell I was going to cum as my cock twitched and jerked so she turned me round so I was facing her. With her right hand gripped tight round my cock she pulled me towards her mouth and greedily sucked and wanked me as she slipped two fingers into her dripping pussy. I couldn't stand it any longer...the sun burning on my back, my cock between my lovers lips and her fingers pushed deep inside herself. I shot all my cum deep into her throat as she drained me of spunk... frigging herself at the same time, she came with my cock still in her mouth.

I knelt down next to her and with her eyes still closed, kissed her deeply, tasting my cum on her lips.

The next afternoon we did it all again...though that time I took pictures as she played with her pussy and I watched, wearing my ripped cum stained briefs.